When the chips are down, again not good enough.

Well, our title challenge ended abruptly on Sunday at the Liberation Stadium in Port Harcourt after we got a draw against the ‘striking’ Dolphins.

The Port Harcourt side had barely trained all week yet they played better and almost got all three points if the Referee wasn’t as lenient as he was on Sunday. He chalked off two stonewall penalties that I have so often ‘seen ’em ‘given this season. Like we have done all season, when the expectations were high for the team. We fell short.

The first goal was pretty unfortunate as it took a deflection and Femi was wrongly footed. Mfon then got us the equalizer, his 21st goal of the campaign, what a striker, but then we couldn’t go all the way and get the three points we needed. Meaning that Kano Pillars will win the League in Aba.

I’m not sure how to enjoy that but let’s be honest, this season will go down as one in which we were never really there. We had some very terrible games this season especially when you consider that Pillars won the League with 1 point or 4 or well 7 if we lose against them on Sunday. If we had gotten all three points against Abia Warriors home or and away. Gotten all three against Giwa in Aba or gotten all three against Heartland in Aba too, we would have won the League, we have the whole end of season to look at what went wrong this season and the players who did not live up to their billing but winning 1 out of 6 Oriental Derbies is nothing but relegation form.

Kudos to Mfon Udoh, Ugwu Uwadiegwu, Rasheed Olabiyi and Nzube Anaezemba who I think had good seasons. At the end of the season, I will do an analysis I on this blog of their performances and present you their report card. Mfon by the way got a call up to the Super Eagles B as did Bright Esieme.

Kadiri Ikhana won the League Bloggers Manager of the Month. Well well deserved and credits to him for stopping the decline we saw early in the season.

So Pillars come on Sunday and we will mount a guard of Honour for them and applaud them as they lift the trophy right on our grounds. Did they deserve it? A resounding YES. They are the best side in the League and they have a good system that produces the results.

No true Enyimba fan, None born and bred on the streets of Aba will forgive these players in a hurry. They need to redeem themselves starting from winning against Pillars on Sunday to secure the Continental Ticket which is now in jeopardy and winning the Federations Cup on the 23rd.

I honestly prayed and hoped that this would be the season we turned our fortunes around with getting the title back and I didn’t envisage having to write this post. Thankfully It’s completed.

Let the redemption start and let is start this Sunday. No more excuses.


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