Lessons from our Super-4 Campaign


If we have been in any doubt as to how ready our boys have been ahead of the new season, we saw not just glimpses but the full episodes. We have seen 4 matches, 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. We have also scored 3 goals in the process and conceded 3. We are ahead of the Premier League pack on the table and one can say we did well or are doing well. But are we?

The quality of play by the Premier League teams have been far from impressive. Kano Pillars and Warri Wolves have been able to win just one game while Dolphins needed one Pyagabara magic to get them their only goal of the tournament. I’m tempted to talk about Stanley Eguma and his team but that’s not my business but truth be told, our football, our League football needs wholesale changes. The quality of play is poor that we just need to up our technical level.


I heard that Kano Pillars fans were throwing sachets of water onto the pitch towards the end of their defeat against Warri Wolves and I think that it is a shame that instead of fans demanding more from their team, they would rather intimidate teams and match officials. How proud will you be winning a title you know you cheated your way through? This is why our teams do poorly when they face other teams in the Continent. We just want to sing and dance and celebrate our teams despite the fact that we know they are doing poorly. We should demand a better performance from our teams and coaching crew.

On a brighter note though, we have seen some of the new lads and I’ve been particularly impressed by Anaemena, Aloma, Bassey and Ifeanyi George. Adeyemi also has been making good runs and I kinda like his input. So far, we are not yet there in terms of readiness for our continental duties but we are getting there. I am however worried by our lack of goals. We just are not scoring enough. We beat Dolphins 1-0 but that game we should have won by at least 5 goals. We got sloppy, we got careless and in the second period we almost conceded cos we weren’t creating any chances anymore.

Our players need to work harder. Finish up games, work on their passing and ball possession. These guys look at how much they are cheered and the amount of money they are paid and they feel like they have arrived. How can you think you have arrived when you cannot cross a decent ball to the head of a striker in the box? How do you think you deserve to play in an European club when you cannot retain possession of the ball for more than 10 seconds or successfully give the ball to your teammate? The performance of the Flying Eagles have proven to everyone that with the right training and attitude, we can play beautiful football, catching to the eye. In one of my tweets last night I highlighted the difference with these guys. They are malleable, they are hungry, they are willing to learn. More than anything else, they have a manager who is tactically sound. If we are looking to improve our teams, here is where to start from.

The Super -4 ends tomorrow with both junior teams playing themselves, Dolphins playing Wolves and then the big one, Enyimba vs Kano Pillars. I don’t think much will be at stake more than just bragging rights but regardless of who wins that one, they will both look back at a competition in which they were beaten and battered. Everyone should please go back to their drawing board and training pitches because these teams are far from ready to compete in the Continent this season.

Ok, I’m done.

There are rumors that Mfon Udoh is on his way to Ismali Egypt for a fee of about $500,000. Talk about a player who has paid his dues and has paid back the funds spent on signing him from Akwa United. He deserves his move and let’s hope it works well because the transfer window closes tonight for Egyptian clubs.

Have a great weekend everyone.



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  1. Mfon going to Egypt? I wish him the best but I wont be surprised if what happened to those before him happens to him too..

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