Enyimba Awards…Trouble maker of the team…Clown of the team…Best Pals in the team…

You’re going to love this. I promise.

I caught up with one of the older, senior boys in the team and I wanted a sneak view of what our guys are like outside the pitch. We see them don our team’s colours on Match days and celebrate like crazy when they score but what are they really like when they are all together in camp.

Who’s the trouble maker in the squad? Who’s the comedian? Who’s Mr Loner? Who is the best dancer? You’re all itching to hear…how much are you guys even gonna pay me for these classified Intel? I kid you. I kid you. Keep your monies to yourself.


Lets delve right in.

Who’s the quickest or faster runner in the team?
Easy meat, that one- Mr Mfon Udoh.

First runner up in that category?
Mr Chimezie Amanfor.

Funniest member of the team?
This one didn’t surprise me one bit- Ugwu Uwadiegwu

Troublemaker of the team?
Unsurprisingly Ugwu wins this one too.

Mr Loner. That player you will catch all by himself with a headphone on or watching TV all by himself?
Daniel Etor.

Most fashion compliant member of the team?
Well, if Mr President invites the team for dinner, watch out what Femi Thomas would wear. He won this.

Who gets kitted fastest for training or for matches?
Again unsurprisingly, it’s the man who has no issues with his dressing. Mr Femi Thomas. Perhaps his clothes love him so much that they drop on him by themselves.

Best singer in the team
Bright Esieme

Best dancer in the team
Bright Esieme

I refuse to comment on that but it looks like when he retires from football, Bright could be signing a record deal with Mavin records.

Best friendships in the team-
We have three ‘pairs’ to choose from-
(A) Chinonso Okonkwo and Nzube Anaezemba
(B) Bright Esieme and Chimezie Amanfor
(C) Chinedu Udoji and Emma Anyanwu.

Before I give you guys the answer. Let’s even analyze these pals-
Nonso and Nzube makes a whole lot of sense. The smallest member of the team and the strongest member of the team. Nzube can afford to poke at Boumsong knowing that Nonso will step out in his defence. Brilliant

Bright Esieme and Amanfor- this should be a union of the whole hair styles in the team. Did you see Amanfor’s hair at the Super-4? How about Bright Esieme’s on Sunday?

Skippo and Emma- this friendship is like Arsenal’s Mertesaker and Koscielny. A friendship that has grown from a partnership on the pitch. Our first choice center back pairings have continued even outside the pitch and this will only do the team well. So they win it.

Best Pals- Chinedu Udoji and Emma Anyanwu

Ok guys, that’s what our darling players are up to when they are not running round the field in blue or white. Felt you could have something to laugh about on a Sunday morning.

Great week everyone and by the way, Peter Onyekachi scored yet again and he was even a substitute. Long may it continue. Amen




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