Of Peter and Of Twitter.

Good morning guys and welcome to a new week.

Preparations for the second leg of our duel with Buffles is in top gear as was reported a few days ago; the lads are in their Ottah camp. Not much is happening in terms of news from inside the camp nor is there news of any injury to anyone.

3-0 is a good scoreline and an empathic lead to take into the second leg, but if by half time we trail 2-0 on Saturday, I’m sure our prayers and supplications will reach the high heavens. So for the players and the coaching crew, we are not quite there even though we are very very close. And should we get the work done, we should most likely face a Libyan side in the next round.

As reported yesterday, Peter Onyekachi continued his good goal scoring run at the weekend as Nigeria’s Under-23 side trashed their Gabonese opponents on their own turf. These goals will only do him and his confidence a world of good hence we pray may they never run dry. I remember an interview I had with him sometime last year when he still played for those small boys in Umuahia. He said he was out to break Jude Aneke’s 20 goal record. He finished on 12 (I believe) and that can be blamed on the kind of players that surrounded him; those boys in Umuahia. Well, he’s talking again and this time he’s promising to smash Mfon’s 23 goal record this time around. I doubt there is any coach in the world who will not love to hear his striker saying he will be the top marksman for the season. Heard of a season where Sir Alex Ferguson had a bet with Cristiano Ronaldo on the number of goals he will score in that season. Not sure how that bet ended but I think that pushed Cristiano to netting all kinds of goals that year. So maybe I should have some kind of goal scoring bet with Peter.

Last night on Twitter some lads took it upon themselves to argue their lives away on how large or how small the Enyimba stadium is. I find it senseless that guys who have not even crossed the gates of the Stadium would be talking utter rubbish about the club and the sitting capacity. I’m not saying it is out of place to support Enyimba despite never being to Aba before but why make your claims and arguments on pictures and your myopic mindset? The day you get into that Stadium on a match day, you will understand how great this club is. We packed out that Stadium against Buffles. We also packed it out in that last game of last season during the Kano Pillars game. According to our official website, the Stadium seats 25,000 and believe me that number was not made up.


Someone else then said the club needs a befitting stadium and not one of concrete and steel then cited examples of the Uyo and the Port Harcourt Stadiums. Thank you very much but Enyimba currently has a decent Stadium. We also have one of the best playing surfaces in the country. I have learnt that a lot of the people who find joy criticIzing others can hardly do better. If all you do is talk trash and criticize the work being done by local teams and local administrators then you need to find another sport to bury your energies in. Are things ideal? No. Can they be improved upon? Definitely. But before we get there, let us support our own and expect changes.

Our captain has finally joined Twitter @udoji_chinedu You should follow him all ye Twitterites. Maybe someday I will compile a list of all our players currently on Twitter and have you follow them. Funnily enough, no sooner had he joined Twitter than the ladies started asking of his marital status. He would reply them that he was single. Hehe. I pray that one goes well.

That’s your lot for today guys. Great week.



12 thoughts on “Of Peter and Of Twitter.

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  1. Lol. The Chinedu twitter parole. Think Amanfor too is on twitter…
    So you’ve counted the seats one after the other as you promised last night?
    BTW the seats should be numbered normally.

    Let Peter score as he likes, hope Enyimba will score at least a record 60 league goals this season!!!

  2. Hahahahaha @Seyi!! 60goals? I pray it happen (in my dream)..lol

    As regards stadium, you guys know people will talk. I’m one of thse that believed the stadium needs to be improved upon. There is notning bad if that stadium is in contention to host National teams matches.
    I know it’ll take the state govt to envision it an make it work. Lets hope a new govt to be elected in Abia state will work on that.

    Besides, @Sam, i go fight you oooo. You’re calling peeps in Abia warriors ”small boys”. Do you know that i love the way those guys are ”packaging ” themselves?.
    Watchout for them this season. I’m puttting my eyes on them too.
    I feel they dont want to be tied to Enyimba apron and they’re trying to do things differently. And i see them making it big.

    But anyway, this is a nice write up as usual.

    1. First of all, 60 goals this year is a very very little target. We play an average of 50 games in a season. Including Champions League and Federations Cup and if we are looking at 60 goals then that’s less than 2 per game. We already got 3 in our first game so I think 60 is low.

      As per those small boys in Umuahia, that’s what they are man and I think they will really struggle this season. Has any of you even seen their Stadium, a quarter of ours is larger than theirs. They will grow someday won’t they?

      Thanks guys for your contributions, they are appreciated.

  3. 60 goals isnt impossible,as per those abia warriors guys i think u can compare them 2 althiletico madrid,they r fearless players .hope they hav nt sack their coach o

  4. I was trying to convince som1 dat Enyimba stadium pitch is as good as some you ser in the EPL.. baring HD cameras some of those pitches are poor, I mean in Europe.

  5. They should upgrade that stadium and put digital display board in that stadium and also put floodlight for night matches

  6. The expection is high . I hope we will not be disappointed . They should endeavour to get to play the CAF-Champions League .

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