Olabiyi and Fabiyi in shooting Wolves. 

Morning Guys, 

Having eased over Buffles du Bougou or Buffles the Burgers or whatever they are called, the fact is that our seasons fixtures are opening up rapidly in front of us. Akwa United on Sunday (League), and Smouha the next weekend. I’m yet to see the rest of the league fixtures but should we kick off the league on Sunday you can be sure we will have kept an array of fixtures to keep ourselves busy. 

The big news yesterday was that our longest serving midfielder Rasheed Olabiyi has signed with Shooting Stars of Ibadan. I’m gonna avoid the temptation of calling them the relegation boys even though they have consistently shown that in recent times but you know life always offers you second or third or fourth chances to get things right. Anyway I think I’m digressing. It is apparent that Mr Olabiyi has assigned for them. Initially we heard he signed for Wolves but by the end of the day it became apparent he moved back home. 

Before that though there was another news on Twitter of an ex Enyimba midfielder Rashidi Fabiyi that signed with Shooting Stars. So it is either we are talking about two different players here one which moved to Shooting Stars and the other to Warri Wolves or both did move to Shooting Stars or we are talking of one and same person Who has signed for Shooting a Stars. Whichever guys, how does that affect the price of garri in the market? He or they have left and we have gotten his or their replacements and life goes on. 

I am not in anyway unappreciative of the work he (I mean the Olabiyi that I know) has put in or the amount of money he is said to have been owed. Nor am I going to use this platform as a judgement seat to say who did what or when, because for everything we do in life, I believe that life has its limitless reward systems, sufficient for everyone in whatever they do. For a professional footballer though, my advice is to always give your best, work hard, have the right attitude and enjoy your game, keep improving and if the opportunity for bigger things come, take it but make sure you are not stagnant. Just keep moving. So we wish Olabiyi and or Fabiyi a great time at his or their clubs and when they come to the Enyimba Stadium, a couple of hugs, high-fives and then they take a resounding defeat with them along with the number of goals they deserve. 

There’s a beautiful article on some of the older boys in the league, it’s a very beautiful piece that appeared in yesterday’s This Day Newspaper. You can see the online link here, highly educative and very informative. 

We continue our basking in what has been an amazing start to the season. Since we returned from the Super Four, we have yet to concede a goal. Interesting news and long may that continue. Haha. 

One of our special columns will be up tomorrow, either the tactics column or the know our players. Whichever it is should be your pleasant surprise tomorrow morning. 

I am yet to sort through the rumble to pick out who won our first jerseys competition of the season buti will do that before the close of work today, surely. 

This should do for today, Enjoy your day. 



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