Bringing back Our Enyimba. 

Morning Guys,..

Trust you’re like me, feeling a lot better this morning after such a dreadful performance on Sunday. I think mine is however connected to Arsenal’s victory last night. Ok, there you have it. I’m an Arsenal fan too. Sorry Manu and Chelsea fans. This blog isn’t about such rivalry, I’m only just saying I’m happier this morning. You won’t wanna deny me that, would you?

Anyway the boys resumed training yesterday. There even were two training sessions because now, no one needs extra motivation on what is ahead in the coming days. No one is talking of striking or owed monies. You see, there are some games where you can afford to ‘blow it’ and get away with it, just like the game against Akwa United Where we have 37 more chances ahead, but try it against Smouha in the Champions League and you know you won’t be getting any second chances. 

Daniel Etor who was one of the few better performers in that Sunday’s game spoke on how this performance can spur the team in the near future. 

There is a lot of disappointment in the team regarding how we played this game with Akwa United. I give full credit to Akwa for coming here with the aim of defending, but we should have done more to defeat them and take all three points. It’s early in the season and we have to get maximum points from games we play now. I feel bad.”
“We just have to use this to motivate ourselves for our next game. Our next game is against the Egyptians and we expect it to be tough, so this disappointment we feel will be our driving force and push us to fight harder, With the help of God, I’m sure we will do better than we did today. If we go back and look at where we made mistakes, we will learn from it and give a stronger fight next Sunday”. 

Even the chairman assured that there’s no panicking right now as this will not derail our season. 

“We cannot press the panic button because we have had a draw in our opening league game, no. This is just one of those results that you get that shows you where you need to improve on as a team and I’m sure the coaches will take a lot from this game and work with the players before the next game,”

On if the lack of goals will affect us in the Smouha game, he assured it won’t. 

“No, no, Every game is different. How we play today would be different from how we play next Sunday. This game will have no bearing on that. Not at all. I believe the outcome of our game next Sunday will be totally different from this”. 

Even though talk is cheap as it is said, it is still nice to hear such words. I have often asked myself, what makes you think that you should win another team of eleven men who also came for the same purpose? This is why you as an athlete should not joke with your training sessions and giving your best in every encounter. Anyways, We just need to get that result out of our system and s strong convincing win on Sunday will just be the ideal doctor’s prescription. 

I’ll have an exclusive for you on one of our new boys who only a year ago prayed to play for us. It’s a dream come true for him. Watch out for that one tomorrow. 

Finally today, the blog is moving to its permanent site in the coming days. It’s something I’m very excited about and by God’s grace we hope to get it sorted out pretty soon. I have to thank the guys who’s been working round the clock to make it happen. I’ll name them when I get their permission to. 

Ok guys, that’s your lot

Enjoy your day and stay away from wahala. 


4 thoughts on “Bringing back Our Enyimba. 

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  1. @Sam,
    What is Daniel Etor saying, that Akwa came to defend, they didnt ooo.
    I love and i’ve always love Akwa utd counter attacks, they only need a good ”false 9” that can be pytting away the goals. I love their CF hold up play.

    As to Enyimba, i’m syre they’ll improve. The potiential is there. My only concern is the champions league, any mistake, they’re gone. I think they need to calm their game down, and be a lot more clinical.

    Not all the time they’ll do the playing, just allow the opponent to play, what out for the off ball movement, and counter them, then you get your goals.

    I think Enyimba might need to change their approach from a tiki taka kind of ”pressing attack” to a robust play dictated by the flow of the game.

    With the kind of players Enyimba has, i think they can be suitable for any formation, style or shape.

    May God help them anyway.

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