Do you know Mr. Abdulrazak Aliyu? 

Good morning Guys, 

Welcome to another Friday. I love Fridays, who doesn’t love Fridays anyway? Even though mine is for a different reason than for many. Ok, this is not my personal dairy. Let’s go to the business of the day. 

It’s been a while since we had a Know our players column. So this morning, let’s know one or two or three or four things about one of ours. 

Mr Abdulrazak Aliyu was born on 11th April, 1990. His name suggests he’s of Northern origins; so seeing his parents are from Kogi State, he’s Kogi-Abia. (Of course When you play for Enyimba, you have dual ‘citizenship’. 

 Razak Aliyu

He’s a tall lanky Harry-them-off-the-park defensive midfielder who is in his third season at the club. Coach Salisu (Now at El Kanemi Warriors) brought him in 2012 from FC Taraba after his displays caught the eye. 

Yet to register his first goal for the club, Raz is better suited to the defensive side of our game, he’s good at nicking the ball off opponents and interceptions balls courtesy of his long legs but tricky smaller opponents love ‘buying’ free-kicks off him cos of his frame. 

Raz who will wear the number 19 jersey this season will battle for that defensive midfield role with Sikiru Kamal and Chima Uluocha who have both played there already. One would have thought that with Rasheed Olabiyi’s departure, he would inherit the role but this is football, nothing is really yours until you make it yours. 

He has had a National call up, Surprised? Bet you are. That however was in the days of Shuaibu Amodu for the Home based Eagles even though they did not go on any tournament then. That was during his time at Niger Tornados. 

We wish Mr Aliyu a fruitful season at Enyimba and lest I forget, Mr Aliyu is still single…that’s for the single ladies. That even reminds me, maybe I’ll do a post on our married players and their spouses someday. Someday. Someday. 

Ok guys, here’s your lot. 

Ermmmm wait. There’s of course the good news that our new striker Ebenezar Odeyemi has finally gotten his ‘papers’. Ok, that’s akin to your work permit in England. His registration is finalized and he can play on Sunday. He’s someone I’m particularly excited about but guess I’ll spill all that tomorrow together with the rest of my Bayelsa United thoughts. 


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  1. Is still baffles me that Razak Aliyu is still yet to taste a single this season. For a player that even kept much fancy Rasheed Olabiyi on his toes for better part of last season is now struggling to get games. Still don’t know the reason tho!

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