A Sunday evening chat and a few Sunday morning thoughts…

Good morning Fellas..

Ok, I know only a few people would be interested in reading any ranting today as all eyes are on Prof Jega and the election results. But then we’ve signed a pact to make this a daily blog, something new for you daily. So I’m still gonna pen down a few thoughts. 

First of all, at 7pm this evening I will be on a live Twitter chat with @akinnzo via @SL10Nigeria. It’s an opportunity to talk about our team Enyimba, our targets for the season and the challenges facing us this season. What are our prospects for the season and how are the new boys looking, We will be discussing that by 7pm on Twitter, so please join us. You can also send your questions ahead of time to either @enyimbaenyi or @akinnzo and we can tackle ones with answers. 

I have to point out though that I’m not Enyimba Media Officer, club official or Enyimba employee in any category but just a fan who loves the club. So don’t ask questions beyond my jurisdiction 🙂 Thank you. 7pm then. 

I’m a bit concerned about the injuries to Sikiru Kamal and Chima Uluocha. These two guys have featured for us in the Defensive Midfield position in the League. The alternatives, Solomon Babatunde and Razak Aliyu have not impressed as much as the former duo and looking at what we face at the weekend in Egypt, we will be sweating for the return to fitness of either of the two. 

Chima Uluocha played in that first leg and he so impressed that he was voted man of the match. As good as he is defensively, he is also contributed well to the team going forward. That game vindicated coach Kadiri’s decision to buy him from those small boys. You can look at both acquisitions from Warriors (Peter Onyekachi and Chima Uluocha) and note that we got it spot on there. 

Another buy who we have barely seen feature is Emmanuel Egesi. He has been out with injury for several weeks now and we hope he gets better soon. With the fixtures we have we cannot afford more injuries. We need everyone back and ready to feature. 

That reminds me, if there are any issues you think i should address you could write me and let me know your concerns, I will try to provide solutions to it from a fellow fan’s point of view on the blog here. 

Ok, let’s get back to Jega and the election results. 

Till tomorrow



5 thoughts on “A Sunday evening chat and a few Sunday morning thoughts…

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  1. I must commend you bro because you are really really doing a great job here despite not being an Enyimba official or the media officer. You have really lay a marker and also have set a standard that we stunch Enyimba fans should follow. I would love to join you in doing this kind of good work but would’ve to dig deep in getting info about the club always. Thanks for the update bro! I remain an Enyi fan for life!

    1. Thank you Bro. You’re absolutely right. Managers don’t give any press conferences, things are muddled up in most clubs in our league and believe me, it takes a lot of string pulling to fish out some of these details. Thank you for your encouragement. I am open to your suggestions. Comments, articles et al.

      Enyimba forever.

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