We have moved!!!

I guess it’s the toughest thing in the world right now; I mean getting your attention off The elections and the results for a few Enyimba thoughts. There’s no harm in trial so I’m gonna try.

Our Big news today is that we have finally moved. Yes, That Enyimba Fan has moved from www.thatenyimbafan.wordpress.com to the permanent site www.thatenyimbafan.com. This is our first official post on our website www.thatenyimbafan.com. I’m looking at all of this and its nothing short of a dream come true.
On 25th April 2014, we set out to put up the first post on WordPress. Basically it was to be a site that talks majorly on Enyimba and Nigerian football as it concerned us. The plan was not for a daily blog because I didn’t think there was a way we could find news and information to share on our club on a daily basis. So we kicked off. But then it was basically writing a preview, a review and then we wait for the next game. On and on it went but with a very minute level of success.
However this season, I thought about a daily coverage for the week preceding our first CAF Champions League game of the season against Buffles. It was fun and a number of you guys encouraged me. It worked and since then, I got up every morning penning down thoughts about Enyimba.
Aside just having succeeded in writing these daily Enyimba thoughts for our fans, I got a message yesterday that was also in line with our purpose in starting this blog. Someone wrote me and said he needed guidance on how to start a blog about his own club in his State. I felt elated and I sent him my contact details on how to reach me. The idea is, if we can have blogs representing the various teams in the country and we can blog about our teams, we can increase the awareness and support for our local football. So this morning, this is a tinge of satisfaction that not only have we moved from WordPress to our own site, we also have inspired our fans globally to the point that they basically can’t wait to read the blog daily. Also, we now have other fans of other clubs looking to start theirs. This is very good.
Of course, there are challenges associated with this kind of responsibility but the dream of succeeding is much more than the weight of the challenges we have had to face. We will look to keep getting this better and better.
We are owing some people a lot of jerseys but somehow there has not been any positive response from the club as to how we can get these jerseys. I’m thinking, maybe we can get our own customized Thatenyimbafan jerseys. We can give these out until the main ones are accessible. We are also talking with a few companies who want to partner with us and have their ads running on our site. Currently we average 200 visits daily, yea it’s a little I know but it’s not a bad start. A number of the features we are working on on the site will help increase the visits and Followership.
Thank you everyone who has supported us, coaches, fans, friends and senior friends. On facebook, on Twitter, and in the Enyimba hierarchy. Thank you and we will keep doing this. I wanna name names but I’m not sure you guys want me to call your names here. But you know yourselves, I am indebted to you.
Also special thanks to my younger friend Seyi Bello who designed this site. The dude did not even let me pay over the roof for this work. In fact he charged almost nothing, saying this is his contribution to a club he loves. When I hear such things, I’m just humbled. Thank you bro. God bless you,
Finally, we will look to have a mailing list such that when posts are made, you can have them hit your email. That way you don’t have to miss a single post. Our posts themselves will be on both platforms, the main site and on WordPress u till we gradually let the latter go.
Thank you guys and welcome to ThatEnyimbaFan.com. Feel free to look around and see the various sections of our website.
Till tomorrow.

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