Some Smouha thoughts. 

Good morning guys, 

Well guys, we are inching closer and closer to the biggest weekend of our season so far. Our make or break clash with Smouch SC of Egypt is this weekend, Sunday precisely. 

The gravity of this fixture weighs heavy on the minds of the players and their positivity about getting a result in Egypt is rocket high. Yesterday we brought you striker Nonso’s views about the clash and this morning is on Chairman airing his views. And it is good to see some comparisons he’s making. 

Winning 1-0 in Aba is not a bad result. I still recall (English club) Chelsea’s round of 16 tie against (French side) PSG (in the Uefa Champions League. Chelsea went to Paris and drew 1-1 but the French side went to London and got the job done. That’s how dynamic football is. 

“The Egyptians came (to Aba) to defend. Their tactics were clear – reduce the number of goals they would concede in Aba and they succeeded, In their own place, they will want to come out to score and we will fully capitalize on that because we will also want to score. I don’t see us not qualifying. I don’t see us losing in Alexandria”. 

Good analysis from the chairman there. Using the quadratic Formular, PSG ~ Enyimba. But then you can’t help but admit that the clean sheet we have in the bag is some advantage and that has swung this tie somewhat in our favour but all of that counts for nothing if we head there believing we have won the tie already. 

Smouha themselves have not had a classy season so far in fact it is the opposite, they have played 22 games this season and won just 8. They’ve drawn 4 and have lost 10. They currently are 12th on their table, 20 points from League leaders Zamalek who have played a game less than Smouha. In other words, we face a side who have not really had it smooth and easy this season. They are not the best of their League’s bunch and this is their first appearance in the Continent after a freak season last year. In other words, what we saw in Aba is a true reflection of how poor a team they are, we should have no fears of going through if we play our best. 

We should keep things tight at the back as well as take the chances that come our way. However I believe just like the chairman said that we should be able to progress by Sunday evening. 

On the available players, it’s good to announce that we have a full house. News is that the injured players are all back. Skippo for one, who missed our two last fixtures due to illness is fit and back in the squad. Good good news. Is it me or is it mere coincidence that before a high profile fixture such as this, everyone seems to be well and fit. Something about big games that heals the injured. More of such games, please. 

The team should be leaving Nigeria tomorrow and I hope there has been a delegation sent ahead to get things ready and in place. Our experience in these CAF fixtures should have taught us how to be ready in these kind of fixtures. 

That should be your lot for today. 

Let’s talk some more tomorrow. 



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  1. Heaving a sigh of relief now cos I really want my darling club Enyimba to stamp and showcase itself on the continent.As the only nigeria clubside that had its name written on the diadem,we are looking forward and wishing you guys the best in the continent…Nzogbu,nzogbu enyimba enyi !!!

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