Early 042 thoughts.

Samson Siasia’s Super Eagles have influenced the general theme this morning all across the country courtesy of their disappointing draw yesterday. I still am not a Super Eagle fan, I am an Enyimba fan and I am an NPFL fan and judging from yesterday’s game, I’ll have my money that an Udoji led defence would have ensured everyone had their heads 110% in the right place till full time especially when you are playing at home. Trust me guys, there are things we know Enyimba would never do- let in a goal in such a crucial home game. We don’t do that, no not at home.

Well, I’m not going to spend this space whining about what happened at the game but I’ll like to mention that Siasia’s Eagles look better (TO ME) than Oliseh’s and Keshi’s put together. Feel free to express your disagreement and vent your anger in the comment’s session.

For us, we ready ourselves for the big one in Enugu tomorrow. 042 has been a good hunting ground for us in recent seasons. 1-1 the previous season and an Obiozor inspired 2-1 win in the following season. So while we travel toward the town, we also realize this is a new Rangers side playing football the way it should be played, inspired by their gaffer Imama Amapakabor.

Like we reported on the blog yesterday he saw us beat Plateau United. We caught up with him at full-time and he said;

“Enyimba vs Rangers will always be a big game, its one of the biggest games played in the NPFL”

“I think it will be folly of me to say that (Enyimba is the not the vintage side we always know). I came here to watch the Enyimba team play. Ive seen them on television play the Super Four and all but I needed to see them play that’s why I came. I’ve seen the Enyimba team play and we will go back and prepare for them”

“We are going to play but I need my team to show character”.

I agree with the gaffer, I also think that they will scrutinize and severely test our ability tomorrow. Thing is, for a team like ours getting better and improving by the day, games such as this can be the turning point, or the adrenaline shot we need for the rest of our season.


Beyond just beginning to jell well as a team, a team gets to the point of trust in each other. That’s when a team truly arrives, that’s when a team is ready. One day i’ll do a post on why we are who we are, Enyimba football club and I believe one of the reasons is the mental toughness and lessons we gain from the setbacks and adversities we face.

For instance, here we are playing home games hours away from home and somehow we keep winning them. Why? Because we have drummed it into our ears that we do not lose at home. So when it is a home fixture, bad topography or not, fans or no fans we will turn up with the heart to win it. Last season, the players revealed how Kadiri Ikhana challenged them to go nine games unbeaten. They did. Next, he challenged them to repeat it and yet again they did. Those were the right foundations to our title win. Believe me, such things make us who we are and such lessons come only through experience.

So we get back on the pitch readying ourselves for tomorrow’s game. Its usually a carnival-like atmosphere in 042, can’t wait. No doubt there will be changes in the line ups and all but that’s what we should discuss tomorrow, isn’t it?

So, back tomorrow with more…



P.S. Today 26th March is the birthday of my friend Bassey Ubong. Happy Birthday Bro. God bless you. Amen


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  1. The Super Eagles played well and controlled the game but switched off @ the death when it mattered most…the largely experienced central defence duo- Efe Ambrose and Oboabona, key members of the 2013 AFCON triumph, failed to guide and communicate effectively with the young full-backs @ the crucial moment that cost us the maximum points. I remain hopeful…if only we can execute a perfect match plan. RANGERS Vs ENYIMBA….a huge derby any day. Bring it on!

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