Don’t be like them.

A little tatafo this morning. Yes we are supposed to mind our own business and not poke nose at other people’s but it is difficult not to talk and take a peek at the trending news in the NPFL at the moment. You do know which I’m talking about don’t you? Or are you from Saturn?


It was an Oriental Derby in that ground where we were hammered 2-0 last year. Looks like the home team got a 7th minute penalty and took the lead. It turned out the only goal of the game and at full time, the goalkeeper for the visitors went to the referee to ask him how that despite his age he wouldn’t know the difference between Chloramphenicol eye drop and Chloramphenicol ear drop? He applied the later in his eyes causing such a one-sided officiating. The referee was incensed and he gave him a red card, this was at full time.

The goalkeeper now incensed himself went back charging at the referee and eventually pushed him down. The home team who were just watching the events unfold decided to get involved in the party. Their big Oga paved the way, showing the example. He got to that goalkeeper, the ‘pushing-down-referee’ goalkeeper and gave him a neat jab. It appeared as some sort of signal and the supporters got themselves involved. The goalkeeper and a few of his brothers in yellow jerseys were now dodging the blows. Left right center the pummeling continued until somehow the movie director screamed CUT!!!

Well yesterday, the League big guns melted out punishments on everyone who contributed to the melee. The pushing-down-referee goalkeeper got a six match ban. Some guy called me yesterday asking me why the goalkeeper should be punished. Stupid and silly question because had he not approached the referee and left nicely and gentlemanly at full-time, this whole drama would not have happened. But he wanted to give the Ref a piece of his mind and look where all that got us.

The Oga kpatakpata himself will not be attending any NPFL matches for the next 10 Match-days. His personal CIA aka security guys also will be staying back at home on Match-days or well, dress normally and watch their beloved team from the stands. Far away from the action. He also got fined 2.5million, an amount many believe it’s too little. Well he shouldn’t milked dry because he is loaded. I mean were it another club Chairman, many will agree the amount is OK. The referee and the match commissioner also got hammered. Hammer hammer for everyone.

Well that’s the gist for those who somehow missed the whole drama. I do have some more comments on all that but I’ll just keep my views to myself.

But the lesson for us at Enyimba is, that Is a constant reminder that years of playing in the Continent and winning the League title, we have learnt to behave ourselves. “Don’t change and become like them”. my mom would warn. “Remain the good, disciplined boy I’ve always known you are”.

Clubs looking to play in the Continent must first and foremost realize discipline is the most important sign that you are ready. If you hurt the opposition, if you attack the referee, if you do anything outside the dictates of the rulebook, a hammer will come and it would be hard.

Back tomorrow and a happy new month by the way.



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