Oh my home. When shall I see my home?

Good morning Guys,

I know today we should be talking about the big game tomorrow but owing to the fact that we don’t have press conferences before games, there’s not much by way of updates on the team and the gaffer. In other words, we are clueless as to who is fit to play and what style the manager may be deploying against the Tunisians. So that’s disappointing. Isn’t it? I think so.

I also think it would be disappointing to to our new followers especially on Twitter who by their names and locations you know they will surely have an eye on this weekend’s fixture. In the very recent past, there has been an upsurge of Northern African followers who have just been accessing the blog. (I never welcomed you guys before now, so here’s my welcome to ThatEnyimbaFan blog site). So sorry for the disappointment of completely ignoring the mentioning of key things you would’ve learnt about tomorrow’s game.


Anyway, today’s deal is on our pitch, our shrine, our home ground, the Enyimba Stadium in Aba. Don’t murmur now cos a lot of you have been asking about it. The first and most important news about our surface is that work is currently on a standstill right now. Does standstill mean there’s no work whatsoever ongoing on the site? I hope that’s what it means because that’s exactly what I mean. You wouldn’t see any guys with head pans or shovels and trowels or anything like that because there’s absolutely nothing happening there at the moment.

Why? You’d ask. What is even going on? Well guys, Enyimba International is owned by the Abia State Government and the new governor came into power onto a huge pileup of work that needed to be done. There was virtually no good 1 kilometer stretch of road anywhere in Aba and being an Aba man he wouldn’t close his eyes to all that. Add that to the fact that there’s such a money boom in our country, you’d understand.

The contractor has prepared the subbase for the surface and what’s left Is to lay the turf itself but the funds for that isn’t particularly in some bank breathing and waiting to be withdrawn. The contractor is even yet to make payments to some of the workers who have been working on the site since January. Because we are waiting for the Oga at the top to work wonders. 

I don’t blame the governor because for a city that has had little activity by way of upkeep for an upwards of ten years, he was surely coming in to be greeted by some rut. So you’d ask, didn’t the management know of this development a forehand? Why did they give the go ahead for the project to be kickstarted? Well guys, truth is, based on what we saw on that pitch last season, it was going to be totally unplayable this term. Last year was so bad we became the subject of ridicule of teams who were not even born when we were ruling Africa. More over there was no way the CAF inspectors would have approved our pitch. So working on our surface just had to be done.

But this is not supposed to be an all sad and gloomy post. Actually it is believed that we will be able to play in our home ground by June. This is April isn’t it? So in about two months, we should be back home. I can also tell you that based on the work on-going currently on the premises I can’t wait for the work to be completed. You would love the new look of the pitch and it’s tracks and drainage set-up when the work is completed, you can be rest assured.

So for those who can’t seem to understand why we still have to labour to play and trot our stuff far away from our traditional home, here is your answer. It hasn’t been easy for anyone and everyone but we do what we always do, Keep our pokerface on and do what we must do. Regardless of what happens, we are Enyimba International and we will take care of ourselves. 

There’s a match preview for you tomorrow. I’ll also try to get some comment or two from some big guns within the team. Let’s see how that goes. 

Till then,



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