Righting the midweek’s wrongs

Good morning Everyone.

I got up to the blog this morning and promised not to whine or complain about the things we discussed on the blog yesterday. The Heartland game has to leave our system because to be honest we have way too much responsibility to stay crying over spilled milk.


Someone asked me yesterday: If we had gotten one point in Uyo and three against Heartland, would it have felt better? I said yea It would for two reasons. Getting one point before three sounds like some progress. Secondly, if we want to win the League or even come close to the top, we have to win every other home game between now and the rest of the season. Then appendage that with points away from home. If not, we can start thinking of not playing Champions League football next season.

But of course when there is a poor result, a team can’t wait to play again because they are keen on righting the wrongs and that’s what happens today when we line up against some team I’m not sure of its name in the State FA Cup Semis. From what I picked up somewhere, Abia Warriors were knocked out by Abia Comets, the state’s NNL side. I’m still going to confirm from the guys at the FA. But I think I saw that in some article online. The FA guys sha, their cell numbers hardly go through. Unsurprisingly so. Not like you totally blame them, it’s same with their colleagues all over the country.

So we expect to play the guys and hopefully we’d win. If we don’t, well, that would just be something. It would mean the two Premier League teams in the State would not be in the Federations Cup this year. Won’t that be interesting? Silly joke obviously. I don’t think there’s room for anything other than an outright win this evening.

It would be unthinkable to see any of the regulars play a part today. Expectations are to see something like this:

Enaholo, Aloma, Maamo, Aliyu, Ikeh, Anaemena, Ojo, Kamal, Frimpong, Leonard, Brown.

That’s what you call a reshuffling, based on what we have seen in the past couple of games this season and with the knowledge that we have a league game against Lobi Stars on Sunday and in fact another one against Pillars in Kano on Wednesday and another at the other weekend. It would be a disaster if we see same faces prosecute those games. It’s just something no one wants to see. Enyimba can’t have the quality and numbers we have and still be unable shuffle the squad we have a bit and produce the right results.

I know we have had a lot of troubles this season but looking at these troubles, some are beyond us, others are well within our power to fix. The Aba stadium may be the government’s troubles to fix but rightly managing our legion of players and creating the right adaptable system is well within our own jurisdiction. It’s as simple as that.

I’m not sure i want to travel all the way to Umuahia to watch an FA Cup Semi final and unless we find someone who is willing to, we’d just wait for the results and when we hear them, they’ll be on the blog tomorrow.

Am I missing anything? Not sure I am. But if I am, you’ll equally hear it when we put up the next post. By the way, scratch out that list above, there’s no way you’d see Maamo, Aliyu or Aloma play for us today. It just won’t happen.

Ermmm yea, Rangers have gone four points clear at the top of the table. Gradually everyone is taking them serious, glad for my friend Mr Amapakabo. Enyimba would be coming for you soon, won’t they?

Back tomorrow,



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