Guest Post: Enyimba 2-2 Lobi Reaction

Good morning Guys.

OK. So last night I received this anonymous email. I don’t like anonymous stuff but this fellow did his best to mask himself, sending it via with a bogus name that didn’t sound like anything I’d ever heard. I went thru, it made sense to me, I had to give him today’s blog.


I had the opportuity to listen to Tony Ademodi’s post-match chat with coach Paul Aigbogun on radio after the draw against Lobi Stars. It was a second straight home draw, another two points dropped, and understandably nerves were on edge. However, some of Aigbogun’s replies left a bitter taste in the mouth.


Asked to give an honest assessment of his team, he responded by saying, essentially, that he owes no one an explanation, and it is something to be worked on in training. It’s his right, I guess, but in the situation, couldn’t he have been more empathetic toward the disappointment the fans were feeling?

Few coaches go hard on their players in public, but at least some kind of acknowledgement goes a long way toward improving the mood among the club’s fans. By his reply, Aigbogun basically waves them away as irrelevant.

On the whole, the Enyimba coach sounded like a man frustrated with the task in front of him. Look, we all had our reservations when the club let Kadiri Ikhana go. He wasn’t perfect, but he was a perfect coach for handling a team of winners. That is his strength: he’s an excellent man-manager..

Aigbogun looks like he doesn’t have the same calm disposition. He does not seem to be in charge of his own emotions, talk less of the team. How else can you explain his reply to the question of whether or not he is under pressure: firing the question back at the interviewer. It was not befitting of the country’s biggest club, very honestly.

However, the worst part of the interview was his complaint of the fixture pile-up: his team played 4 times in seven days he said. That is not true, of course – they played three in seven days, and five in 12 days – however, it is difficult. I would be more sympathetic if he didn’t have, at his disposal, the league’s largest squad.

In every position, Enyimba can name two players, in some as many as three. The fixture list didn’t jump at him out of nowhere: there’s been enough time to plan rotations. Some of the players are not ready? That’s also his fault. What did he do with the Super 4, a preseason tournament to warm the team up? Kept playing the same group.

Ezekiel Bassey, Razak Aliyu, Daniel Etor, Kamal Sikiru, Idris Aloma; all regulars last season, all frozen out this season, for no apparent reason. So no, coach Aigbogun, you cannot use that as an excuse. There is a reason the club made over 10 signings for the season, exactly so that you would not make this excuse.

You are coaching the biggest team in the league. By virtue of that, it is the toughest job. No disrespect to what you achieved last season, but this is not Warri Wolves. The sooner you embrace the job, and all that comes with it, learn to handle the pressure and use your resources effectively, the better for us all.

There you have it guys. I couldn’t resist sharing this. I wish I knew who wrote this, I’d love to have a conversation with him. But all in all, quite some interesting views. I’ll reply to the email address and hope he responds but more than anything else, our gaffer should take things easy and just tow another route.

I for one am a Paul Aigbogun fan and I don’t believe anyone wants him to fail. He’s up against inarguably the biggest coaching challenge of his career so far but he has to take things calmer and easier and bring to the fore the wits that makes him one of the most respected coaches in the land.

One more thing, if we had beaten Heartland and Lobi Stars, we would have been four points away from Rangers.

OK that’s your lot today, and because I forget, thank you Mr anonymous.

Back tomorrow.



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