Guest Post: Awake the sleeping giant

Good morning All,

A fan dropped this post a couple of days ago, it’s worth your while. Would you take a look?

by Chidozie Adiukwu

It is high time Enyimba International gets to realise what it really is. The world is fast developing and we are hurriedly running into a new era, the African mentality that things would take care of its self should be dropped. It makes no meaning that a huge club such as Enyimba ‘the great Elephants of Africa’ are still living in the past, development will never come to us unless we invite it.


There are several hundred new innovations in the present world of sports today that makes a football club a great one, other than just winning trophies which I agree is the good step in itself. They are a great team, a super Football club but only in a Nigerian setting.

It is no news how fans over the country have been complaining about the poor management of this great club. The fact that even in the streets of Aba you can never see anybody wearing an Enyimba jersey used back in 2010 not to talk of their latest jersey. The most you can see is either a member of the supporters club wearing their brand on Match days or mayber a truck pusher wearing a worn out jersey of the brand they used back in 2006, 2007, 2008 and there about.

The fact that lots of years now we have never had a real sponsorship deal with any brand. Some South African and north African clubs run sponsorship deals worth millions of dollars and you’ll see a club having more than 4 or 5 sponsors. The fact the club which is supposed to be a source of revenue to its owners ‘the state government’ depends solely on the government allocation to run their affairs (paying staff and players inclusive), I guess we should be calling the likes of Udoh and Udoji civil servants, I wonder if they(state government) run it on 0% interest.
The fact that such a huge investment is not even listed the
country’s stock exchange while the palm oil mill of the town am
studying in “Okitipupa oil mill” is listed the the Nigerian Stock
Exchange. Why is the club still fully owned by the government?

The fact that the club lacks innovative strategies that bring a good image of them, the new Yarmalight FC have several merchandise in the market
that can generate revenue, increase their popularity and help grow the number of fans they have, the management of our club have never thought of
these things or maybe think of decorating the stadium and its
surrounding with colours and images that portray Enyimba  or even the streets of Aba with bill boards having maybe action images of our super stars or promotions that will attract more fans to come see our matches.

I wonder when I will get to buy the normal N50 bangle branded
‘Enyimba’ not to talk of maybe towels, backpacks, etc.

What would you say about the Enyimba media? It seems to lack everything, ranging from very poor advertising of the club to the lack of proper update of the current affairs of the club. You only get to know we have signed or released a player from website of different news sites. Even after months of such transfer you will never get to see such update on our website

You’ll can never see photo updates of live match actions not to talk
of videos which are supposed to posted on the website of the club as well as their social network handles when the match is still live. You will hardly get updates of the welfare of the team when ever they are in action, the fans really want to know what’s happening behind the scene, I know how long it took me to find out where Enyimba trains, apart from the stadium (I still remember how I was asked out of the stadium the first time I went to see my club train).

The fans want to know about the team’s every step whenever they are out on continental duties (even during league matchs). The Enyimba website to me seems to be there just because the club must have one. Its serves
less than 5% of its real purpose, you will hardly get any update there. I feel embarrassed each time I open that link.

Our twitter and Facebook handles only function on matchdays. Can the team media even think of
TV deals for adverts. Seriously only the Enyimba media can promote the growth of our club. I must tell you that so far the increasing
popularity of our club is as a result of the efforts of concerned fans
of our club who has somehow taken the up the media problems of Enyimba as theirs. They have used Facebook and blogging respectively to unite the Enyimba fans.

Enyimba will become great only when the club decides to step into the modern world and stop living in the past. I think that the media problems of the club is one that should be solved as soon as possible. The current media team can look to some of these issues and offer the solution we crave.

Stadium staff advert experts, business expects, etc should be brought in to improve the outlook of the club. If we compare ourselves with the TP Mazembes of this world, where do we measure?

We have done well winning things on the local front, but we must not remain local Champions. It’s time for the club’s management to look at these issues that call for urgent attention.


Back tomorrow.



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