Tales out of Illorin

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Like I saw when I looked in my crystal ball, Giwa failed to show up for our meeting with them yesterday just like they have for the past two other meetings in Illorin. One would have felt that for a tie with such significance, the fear of the consequence of their actions would encourage them to honour the game, but no way, they wouldn’t.

What they did however was to send in a letter. Read for yourself, below.

Giwa FC has written to inform the League Management Company (LMC) that it has accepted to play its match day 18 with Enyimba Int’l.

The club pleaded that the date of the match be rescheduled to enable the team play the match, but not in Ilorin.

The club promised to do its best to uphold the integrity of the league for the good of the game too.

In a statement signed by the Secretary of the Club, Samson Adamu, Giwa FC regretted all inconveniences caused league.

Giwa FC of Jos also pleaded for an independent commission to be set up by LMC to look into the cases of the last two matches that  were missed earlier with a view to allowing a replay based on arising conditions.

Giwa FC says as a law abiding club it promises to uphold the integrity of the league.

David King
Media Manager
Giwa FC of Jos

I know this is no Giwa FC blog and we shouldn’t be bothered by whatever they are high on but it’s hard for the Nigerian football fan not to react to that letter and the premises.

@TheOddSolace does and it’s below.

So, no surprises then. Enyimba’s appointment in Ilorin with Giwa FC failed to go ahead as planned, and the team will have to make their way back home empty-handed. Ideally, you would expect three points and three goals, in accordance with walkover proceedings, but that is not the case here.

The situation is a lot less straightforward, though. The Jos-based side were banished to Kwara State after some crowd trouble in a home encounter against Rangers, but have obstinately refused to serve this punishment.

Bear in mind that the same team in question has continued to travel for away engagements, clearly showing it was not a matter of logistical difficulty. They just did not want to.

Well, yesterday’s game that never happened was the lifeline handed Giwa FC, after which, by LMC Rules, they are to be bundled out of the league. That’s right: bundled.

They were aware of this rule, paid lip service to it until the last minute, then sent a letter to the LMC that can best be described as insulting.
To summarize: they are sorry they have not been serving their punishment; they are now willing to do so; they want all the matches they have forfeited to be rescheduled and fixed at a venue of their convenience.

Ordinarily, this should elicit laughter and a shaking of heads, but one never knows. Aside the contempt dripping from the letter toward the league organisers, Giwa FC have demonstrated a lack of respect toward their fellow NPFL clubs who have spent time, effort and money – and even endangered their lives – in traveling to honour these games. Will their expense be refunded? Can it even?

All eyes are on the LMC. This is a decisive moment in history for them, and their decision in this matter could forever taint their credibility.

Enyimba, of course, have a bigger stake in a correct, by-the-nook decision, in that the distance to the top of the table will shrink by three points, since Rangers will give up the points they earned off Giwa. But let us not get ahead of ourselves here, or get carried away.

This is not about Enyimba, but about the future and stability of our very own NPFL.

Back tomorrow.



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