Nasarawa 2-1 Enyimba: Not much makes sense right now.

There are times when being an Enyimba fan is the most difficult thing on earth. Times when after a game such as this, you ask and wonder whatever went wrong. Couldn’t the strikers just… Or the defenders, couldn’t they have just…

Times when you already can tell the League position before the League organizers roll it out because you had hoped that somehow the team would get the three points in this tie and you would get to such and such a position on the table. This morning as the night before, it feels really very sad thinking of this defeat.


We lost 2-1 in Makurdi to Nasarawa United. Despite taking an early lead through Ifeanyi George who surprisingly got the nod up front with Christian Pyagbara, they quickly pegged us back through Esosa Igbinoba and our former player Abdulrahman Bashir. Esosa’s was a spot kick after someone was adjudged to have handled in the area and Bashir put them ahead minutes later.

All of the goals happened in the first half and there basically was no other update in the second half till we saw, Full-time Nasarawa 2-1 Enyimba. In other words, there is very little to say as we are blindsided to the performance of the team. Did we mount a siege in their area in the second half or does the 2-1 scoreline flatter us? I can’t tell.

All I can tell you right now is that it is very difficult being an Enyimba fan this morning just like it was yesterday evening and last night. And i want to stop watching football and supporting any club. I just want to become a Novak Djokovic fan right now or maybe a Leicester City fan. Something.

But I can’t. Because Enyimba and me, we’ve come a mighty long way. Things may not be ideal within the club, with the last two results, with the fact that we are not at home yet and with the fact that I can’t get replica jerseys to buy for my friends. But the union has been on since I was a boy on the streets of Aba.

However, things aren’t as bad as they seem. A win in our next game takes us back to 3rd from this current 5th position.

We can take these disappointing results on the chin and move onto what’s ahead. There’s a game on Wednesday and we’d need to channel our energies in that direction. More than anything else, It’s a very important month for us and there’s absolutely no need crying over spilled milk.

More on the blog tomorrow.



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