Yet another fallout from the Sundowns defeat. 

Good morning everyone. 

I should be seething, like really livid this morning but it’s not necessary. I have ascended beyond that. Because someone acts immature doesn’t mean I should condescend to their level and do same. 

Surely not the good morning you’re used to receiving from me. Well it appears that the fallout from our Sundowns defeat will cause much more than we bargained for. I would like to address a few stuff. 

First of all, there’s no law that says you must agree with everything written here, you’re a human, an adult and that means you have the right to think or believe anything. I can come here and say, Ronaldo is not better than Olivier Giroud, it’s my view, my choice and as an adult, or even a child, I am free to express my thoughts. 

This blog is not santioned by anyone. It’s a personal blog. Think of it as when you’re watching a game at a football Centre. Anyone can have their own opinions. The blog is just a medium whereby we grow support for our club and our players. We get calls from people from far and near asking us for what we think of some players. We give our honest reviews and most of the time, it is usually positive. 

Here on the blog, we celebrate players, we wax lyrical about them when they have exceptional games and because we can praise them when they do well, that also guarantees us the right to criticize them when they perform badly. The day you signed up to become footballer, you signed the dotted lines for this. 

It is not a crime for a player to have a bad game, no human ever has 100% performance in games all the time, it never happens. Some days are bad, some are good and the majority of players who visit this blog daily know we represent them well most of the time for them. 

We watch the European games every weekend. We know Joe Hart can commit a blunder, we know John Terry can give away a penalty, we know Koscielny can score an own goal. Why? Because they are humans. So when a journo who has sang praises of you in the past decides to say you had a bad game, what he did for you is actually for your good. 

You know you are not perfect. You know you are looking to improve but when you cannot even walk up to your coach and say, “this is my problem, how can I improve?” Then you will never improve and that thing which you refused to accept that it needs working on, will keep showing up in your game and although no one will ever tell you, it would be the limitation to your future. 

Your Attitude is more powerful than your skills and talent. Your Attitude to correction, your Attitude to a poor performance, your Attitude to reprimands, that’s the difference between being top class and being just a name people know. Your poor attitude is preventing you from your next level. 

Someone said, a bad attitude is like a flat tyre, with it you can’t go very far. Some people want to sit back and continue with the way they are, that’s fine but how about promising yourself that you will improve such that we will eat our words. 

From the same game where someone hurled insults at us on the blog, another player who we criticized yesterday on the blog wrote this below. 

Good morning my friend, thanks so much. You are making me to work hard.Don’t worry my brother i will score goals for Enyimba.Its my job to score.Its like you don’t know me, I just came in to the team.I will make u guys happy. You are doing your job and I understand. Thanks and God bless. 

Attitude. Class. This humbled me. 

God bless you too Ifeanyi Onuigbo. I’m putting you in my prayers too. You will score goals, plenty of goals for Enyimba. 

Back tomorrow. 



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