Disappointed with the result but don’t you just love Samson Unuanel? 

Good morning Guys, 

So it ended 1-1 and even though there would be disappointed Enyimba fans all across the country, we still have to do the needful, which is ‘try to make sense of it all and move on’. 

I didn’t see the game, I was on official duty, and hopefully Supersport will have it on repeat sometime but having followed the tweets and updates from various online sources, it was hardly without controversy. That’s not however to take away the fact that we dropped two points at home. 

Prior to the game, we knew and acknowledged the threat of Rangers and reminded ourselves that we must stay on edge defensively but like the Pillars game, our defensive solidity hasn’t quite been top notch this season. We hurled them back as soon as we scored. And it stayed that way till full-time. 

It’s difficult to analyze a game I didn’t see but like my friend wrote about in his blog post  it looks like the referees didn’t do their reputation alot of good. You should visit his blog more often. I mean my friend. He writes quite well, a lot better than most guys around. 

The gaffer’s assistant, Samson Unuanel spoke to Magic FM’s Tony Ademodi after the game. 

“Let me just say, it was a good game, the boys played well. In a football match like this, the tension must be high. The rivalry between the two clubs will bring an added thing. But what I want to say is that my boys played well and I love the game. 

“Let me correct this impression. Apart from Enyimba, no other team can go all the way with what we are going through for now. For the past two months we have been playing Wednesday, Sunday and see we are traveling all over the country”. 

“We entered into three competitions, we are still in the three competitions and we are still doing well. Don’t condemn us, two points dropped at home is never the end of the show man. We can go out there and pick up the points”

“What you should do for us is, when there is pressure on us, you people should try an understand what we are going through. I really appreciate these boys. If you play in Ibadan on Tuesday, you travel back to this place to play today. You know how many kilometers? ”

“You play in Lokoja on Wednesday and from there you travel to Jos to go and play and from Jos to Ibadan. Gentlemen, we are all human beings and and we have blood flowing in us. There’s nothing like flight. Don’t let us crucify these boys, so far so good, they have done marvelously well and I will always support them”. 

“To answer your question, the League is still very much open. Take it or leave it. Anything can still happen. We have our own plan, if we lose points at home, we can pick points away”. 

“I am a football coach. I don’t talk about officiating. I leave people to do their jobs. I only believe in conscience. I only believe in conscience. There are people with reputation, as a coach I have my own reputation. The referees have their own”. 

“If we keep criticizing referees we cannot move forward. The referees should talk to themselves and you journalists like my boss rightly said, occasionally you bring them to book and ask them questions”

“We are not bothered. We had a very beautiful game like I said but to be candid and sincere, the Match was above the AR 1 & 2. The tempo of the match is above the two of them. I don’t blame them, you can’t give what you don’t have”

“So far so good, I love that”

I totally enjoyed that. His reaction I mean. You should also, especially the last line. And I think it’s good tonic for all of us feeling sad and blue this morning. 

Back tomorrow



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