A little bit of something different. 

Good morning Everyone. 
It’s a quick one for you cos I’m having a meeting with the ‘Red Capped’ guys today. It’s surrounding my ‘Old man’s’ burial slated for the next couple of weeks. So I’ll get this quickly over done with. 

The normal is on perhaps some more lamentations on how things have been awful this season. It’s become a regular theme on this blog and that has got to stop. Like they say, when life hands you lemons, you make the best lemonades possible. 

So today, no whinning, no complaining, no reminding ourselves how challenging things have been this season. We are just gonna have fun with the pictures from Sunday’s game. 

Below is Mr Kester. Jersey Number 12. Just before he let them wrap some white accessory on his head. You could see he’s won possession of the ball. That’s what he always does. Winning back the ball and setting off attacks. 

Next up is the man who scored the best goal of the weekend. Take a bow, Mr Stephen Chukwude. He’s put that early season injury behind him and he’s been our most in form striker in recent times.  

Next up, safe hands Theo. Although for another weekend, he couldn’t keep a clean sheet but he made quite a number of saves in the course of the game. Moses Ocheje has been given a breather for the past few games but they both have been as professional as possible this season. 

Then course the men whose duty it is to get the goals. Here they are, kneeling and praying. I’m thinking, maybe they could have a day or two of fasting just to get their prayers to arrive tad faster. 

Then of course this guy. The man that needs no introduction. 

I would have loved a picture or two of the bench and technical team, but instead, we have Mr Kester asking them if he’s looking good enough in his new outfit. 

Finally, my best of the bunch. This. A picture of our soldiers and our supporters. Things may not have worked as we wanted it this season, we have been up against so much but we are together, always and forever. We are the Enyimba and we always love our own. We love you guys. 

Thank you for donning the blue of this great club. We remain by far, the greatest football club this country has ever seen. 

Time to head for my meeting. Back tomorrow 

All of these pictures courtesy of @TitanChinakwe. He’s inargubly the best around. 


2 thoughts on “A little bit of something different. 

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  1. Good day sir. I was almost moved to tears with this write-up, not because you mentioned me or because I see my work adding colour to this blog, not because I remember shots I could have taken which I missed but it’s great strength to be strong when you are expected to be weak but that’s who we are NIGERIANS. Our country is at it’s worst state but rather than pointing accusing fingers lets borrow a cue from what you have done today. Lets rise and build NIGERIA in with FAITH. #iBelieve. I LOVE U SIR. ThankS for not giving up on me, you must made me fall in love with that last exposure. Have a successful outing, u deserve a red cap yourself my #BOSS

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