Sundowns arrive and what might have been

Good morning Guys,

Welcome to a brand new week. This should be a very brief post because there’s no point wasting your time when there’s very little to say. Having a daily blog is no beans but having a daily blog in an environment where news is minute and precious, now that’s a tough tough ask. In other words, yet again, there’s hardly any new info emanating from the camp. 

Its public knowledge that we end our Champions League fixtures tomorrow Tuesday at the Adokiye Stadium in Port Harcourt tomorrow. That also should be the last time we should be lining out there for anything whatsoever. I mean its bad enough that we didnt play any games at our Aba sanctuary, having a repeat of that next season would be unforgivable. 

We should be grateful to the Rivers State people and their government even though they didn’t let us play there for ‘free’. I also think its shameful that such an edifice is so underutilized. A scripture comes to mind; ‘princes on foot and slaves on horsebacks’. Imagine such a State with little football interests, support and involvements and their sophisticated football edifices. If only we had something half that beautiful. 

Anyway, thank God they bailed us out. Look around at the cities closeby, Uyo, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Calabar, our State is the only one without a decent stadium right now. We have two stadiums that are both just not good enough at the moment. There has to be a way to get around these issues guys. Surely.

Anyway our opponents have arrived in town, looking bullish and with zero amount of pressure. Looking like a team on tour to Nigeria. I mean that could have been us. But is there ever going to be that day that we would have a Champions League fixture to play with qualification and top spot already guaranteed? It’s difficult not to envy them. I do envy them. A lot.

Tomorrow’s game would be about pride for us and hence not even winning is unacceptable. Yes there’s technically nothing to play for but there is everything to play for. I mean at some point you’ll need to show that you earn the money you’re paid. If you cannot win a Champions League game then you are saying you don’t belong at this level. Its as simple as that. 

Moreover the only way to make up for this season is to have a good finish and if, like someone pointed out, our bad run coincided with a Champions League group stages, then we can bow out gracefully. We do need momentum for the closing weeks of this season. We have nine fixtures to go in the League and one or two more in the Federation Cup. We could use some momentum. 

In other news FC Ifeanyiubah has joined the title race following their away win at Warri yesterday. What an interesting finish we’d have before us. 

Perhaps we could crank start our engines from tomorrow evening. 

Back tomorrow with your previ



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