Late mornings and trying to make sense of it all

Good morning Everyone,

Its a very late morning post today, sorry guys. Don’t blame me more than you ought. It’s that old nursery rhyme of the proportionality and relationship between sleeping late and waking early. I made an interesting trip yesterday and when I eventually got to my destination, rather than shower and sleep, I just kept going all over the place. Anyway that’s that. 

The team is in Lokoja readying itself for the Niger Tornadoes tomorrow. As usual we would pen the preview here tomorrow. But I’m thinking about it all, what a fixture congestion we have had in these past few days. You may not understand the extent of it until you actually give it some thought. You know sometimes we make it appear like the team appears and disappears at match venues for games. 

Yes we got these piled up fixtures courtesy of our Continental assignments but it’s currently very gruesome. We played Akwa United just after Sundowns. The Sundowns game itself was about a week after the Zamalek debacle. Three days from the Akwa United game, we were in Warri. From Warri we headed to Makurdi and played three days later. 

Mind you, the trip to Makurdi took two days as the bus broke down on the way. Played in Makurdi on Sunday and quickly back to Port Harcourt to play Wikki Tourists Wednesday. At this point, I’ll pause a little and it now makes sense how that Wikki looked stronger with 20 minutes or so left on the clock. Let me share my theory about that and as always feel free to agree or disagree. 

As someone who also watches the EPL, I know any weekend following a Champions League game, teams that play in the League have a great chance of dropping physically toward the end of the game. They may start out well (especially when there aren’t massive changes to the lineups) but if they fail to make their dominance count as per goals, they may drop points by full-time especially where their opponents had a week to rest. 

To me it explains the Wednesday game and I think we were fortunate to get all three points. We played a Wikki Tourists side that had played just one game in eight days. Mind you, in the same eight days we have played three times across different cities and lengthy trips. It does make sense to me. Right now the side is in Lokoja, they move from there to Abeokuta to play midweek and then MFM the following weekend. 

Yes you would say we have a large squad, blablabla. First of all, you see teams in Europe and how they cope when key players are excused from games. Talk more of teams here in the country whose traveling routes bear more stress than comfort. Perhaps it’s time someone talked about those deals with airlines again. Like Coach Unanuel said last time,we could use improved transportation. 

Ours is to keep supporting the team and tone it down with our harsh criticisms. Am I saying that the players and the team can’t take any blames? Of course not. But remember that they’re the ones in the photos when we win trophies. Most of us are just faceless and at home but ultimately the players are the ones who share all of the glory and of course they are also paid for it. 

Point is, I think they are also hurt when we lose games. I think they also face some stick when things don’t go our way. And while we on our own do our best to drum it into their ears that this is a football club where absolute focus is expedient, let’s also bear all of the former in mind. May God continually bless and guide us from strength to strength. Amen. 

That’s all I can offer this morning. Nearly noon self. Smh. 

Back tomorrow with a preview… 



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