Niger Tornadoes 1-0 Enyimba 

Good morning All.
It just didn’t happen for us yesterday as we faced Niger Tornadoes in Lokoja. Aside that point in Warri, it’s been one away defeat after the other and with just a handful of games left, this torrid and turbulent season cannot end soon enough. 

Mr Aigbogun opted to start Alloy Brown and Musa Najare in attack with Mfon Udoh as a three man front line. Nzube and Oladapo played behind the front trio and Kester shielding an unchanged back four. I’ll like to point out that it’s interesting to see a willingness by the technical crew to make some tactical changes as opposed to the regular 4-4-2 we played home and away prior to this time.
The game had its moments, chances by both teams but there hardly was any fantastic saves by either goalkeeper. According to updates from the club’s official handle, we did have a couple of half chances – Mfon, Najare, Brown and Akas but they were all half chances and we wouldn’t convert. 

As the game wore on and our hosts hadn’t scored, we felt we could defend well and irk out a point. Truth be told, our visitors also had their moments but they found our defence an impenetrable wall. Kester and Thankgod and Emma took turns to hack off crosses and threatening balls into our area and for the ones that went past them, Afelokhai claimed. 

Then came the moment, 15 minutes from time when the referee awarded Tornadoes a penalty. Aside the referee who believed he had spotted a punishable offence in the area, there was no other human being alive who felt it was deserved. It took about five minutes before both teams returned and agreed to continue the game. Tornadoes converted and took the lead. 

It’s happening in virtually every center now, isn’t it? Every match day reports such incidents and you want to know if our League isn’t being plunged back into the medieval. We can close our eyes to these things and act as though they don’t exist or speak up and demand changes. This isn’t as much as who is favored or who isn’t, there’s a big elephant in the room and if we are not bothered by these things then we have not done our part. 

The primary concern is with the League’s new disciples. Folks who the LMC has successfully won over. Guys who have began to place interest and faith in the League again. I hope the institutions involved find solutions to these things otherwise we are in big big trouble. 

Done for today. 

Back tomorrow



3 thoughts on “Niger Tornadoes 1-0 Enyimba 

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  1. I have always have my fears about officiating especially at this crucial stage of the season. Nonetheless, am not happy we lost this game. Its high time this players stand up and fight like the Elephant we are.

  2. LMC must kill or die

    Nigeria football evolution series. (rafindo secarto )

    Ah what a bad job the LMC have done so far, I do not believe in mediocrity,when solution to every problem bewildering football have pragmatic and feasible solution at hand. I do not believe with the level of globalization we still carry out action and decision with medieval mindset. The essence of interaction is to bridge the gap between different classes of the society. Interaction is very important for good development to occur.,where we chose to develop our unique system favourable to our Cline. Their must be a direct and precise execution.
    This series purpose is meant to be analytical and Critically evaluate the purpose of LMC. With due observation to this noble body that have wiped away to an extent some shame. Kudos must be given to a body born out of a large pool of hon. nduka irabor mind.Boss I respect your dedication to this nation’s football system, but it is time we move our league with great pace and speed in order to catch up with the world. We build sophisticated houses that are of global standard without considering the present economic challenges. We strife to make a system better than the predecessor. Wait for a moment my dear self, oh the era of Nigeria football league are over, the melodramatic regime of ransome baribote are over. What a sign of relief looking from the past the charade we call football league.
    We need a new company to run the league.did I just say that, in western semantics yeah I mean it. The essence of the company has overwhelmed the directors to the extent we have notice with keen interest the retrogressive graph of the league .the league is drastically running its heavy leg in a negative line. Facts must be differentiated from sentiment with clear view of knowing we have made no progress, ah my beloved enyimba if dead, the healthy antelope cannot cross ur shit. The warriors in Ibadan cannot withstand your physique. Musa is just dreaming. They label you the new genegation but they refuse to accept the enormous space u occupy in the land of the best.the elephant that carries people is the people elephant. Under the rulership of Pharaoh anyasi you have been reduced to an ant. Oh why the diversion from the problem called LMC.
    Did I just say that,yes I did. I am not drunk either on sexual sensation. That fact of the matter is that LMC was created to solve problems but the problem has made LMC a greater problem that has to be cured before death arrives quickly with a Boltic velocity and kill my beloved religion.

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