Tomorrow isn’t promised 

Good morning friends.

First off, would like to give my heartfelt thanks to you, Constant Reader, for your support and encouragement. Means a lot to know someone is on the other end, poring through these words as I hammer them out. It goes a long way in terms of motivation, especially seeing as happenings in and around our great Enyimba haven’t been particularly cheery.

The impending coronation of Enugu Rangers is still the song on a million lips at the moment. Like I said yesterday, one cannot but be happy for them. A 32-year hoodoo is no joke, especially for a club that was so used to dominating in the 70s and 80s. These players have written their names into legend, there is a sense of history to their achievement.

They have now equalled our tally of seven titles, and I’m very sure the likes of Obinna Nwobodo, Godwin Aguda, Chisom Egbuchulam will see their names go down in the local folklore of the Coal City. It gives me pause: we won our seventh last season, a haul that even though Rangers have matched, now stands as a record number. Did we really make a big enough deal out of it?

Yes, I am aware we did not have to wait 32 years for it, but really what does that have to do with anything? We made history last season, but it is barely even mentioned. When we won our first league title, Rangers were already on six. We knocked them off their perch (hat tip to Sir Alex Ferguson), but no one seems to want to remember that with any fondness.

Isn’t part of following a football club exulting in its glories? I know there is a line to be drawn between this and resting on one’s laurels, but I do not think we showed our heroes from last season enough love for what they achieved. Think about it, did Rangers have any notion, back in 1984 when they won their sixth, that they would have to wait 32 years for the next one?

If they did, how do you think they would have treasured the last one? They had gotten so used to winning, that they assumed they would just go on doing it. No one wants this, or even thinks it will happen, but imagine if we had to wait three decades for our next title. Let us not then look back at our 2015 title with painful nostalgia and regret not appreciating it for what it really was: a tremendous feat.

Nowadays, when the name ‘Kadiri Ikhana’ is mentioned, it is as a stick to beat the present coaching crew. How many have actually paid tribute to what he managed with the club, rather than simply use this great man as a tool for debate? That’s just one example, you could extend it to the players as well. Captain Chinedu Udoji’s goals late in the season, for example, to drag us over the line. Christian Obiozor who was a breath of fresh air at a crucial point. The list goes on.

Point is, let us not take our victories for granted. As the saying goes, tomorrow isn’t promised.

Er, obviously wasn’t referring to the blog, so… Back tomorrow.



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