Haha: You will love this 

Good morning all.

There was a bit of argument over yesterday’s post, from the replies and comments, especially on social media. Now, the essence of the post wasn’t to suggest that the fan subculture is wrong, or misguided in any way. I think that ship has already sailed, really, and it would be a waste of time to try and dictate how people should follow football.

The point though was to highlight the illogical aspects of it, with a view to understanding the way we as human beings think. I find people interesting, you see. Maybe I should studied psychology. Then again, if I read every course that was related to something I am interested in, I would be in school till the day this world passes away.

Speaking of interests and being in a different field of endeavour, I often look at football players and coaches and wonder what they would be doing if they weren’t in football. I look at Nwankwo Kanu, and immediately I think he would make a really good bank manager, what with his easy smile and easy-going manner. Julius Aghahowa already showed he could have won us an Olympic medal in Gymnastics, if only someone hadn’t introduced him to a ball at a point in his life.

Sunday Oliseh would have made a fantastic lecturer, not the type to tell you that an ‘A’ is for God alone and the most you could hope for is a ‘C’.

What about our own skipper Chinedu Udoji? Why, if he held a crusade, I’d be sure to attend. Pastor material, straight up. Reverend Udoji. Mfon Udoh strikes me as one who would have been a really cool music artist, plucking away at his guitar and singing slow, sultry tunes, asking why we can’t all love one another.

I cannot be the only who looks at Nzube Anaezemba and thinks ‘movie director’. Or am I assuming that, because he is a midfielder who is used to dictating the tempo of a game, he would necessarily do the same for a movie? Ezekiel Bassey, with his looks and affinity for style, is pretty much cast in stone as a model and a fashion personality.

Ifeanyi Anamemena seems the sort to clap you on the back, look in your eyes, and tell you to take your diagnosis like a man and be strong. Can someone get him in white overalls and take a picture of him with a stethoscope round his neck? Kelly Kester could’ve pursued a career in the military, built as he is, an absolute beast of a defensive midfielder.

If there’s one exception to this, it’s the gaffer. I simply cannot imagine coach Paul Aigbogun being anything else but a coach. Whenever I try to, his scowl greets me from my mind and chases me back to full consciousness. Even in my head, he’s strict.

Well, they are football people instead, and we are glad to have them. However, if for some reason, a player is down and the medics are slow to arrive, we can always count on Anaemena to do something about it. Right?

Back tomorrow



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