Preview: Enyimba vs Nasarawa United 

Good morning all.

It’s D-day. Final before the final. An absolute must-win. It’s all on the line in this one. Go big or go home. Erm… that’s it. I’m out of appropriate cliches.

At 4p.m, we kick off against Nassarawa United in Ibadan. Just to give you a sense of how tight this is going to be, cast your eyes in the direction of the league table. Yup. Level on points, and they’re only a place below us thanks to a slightly worse goal difference (-1 to -2). They scored more goals than we did this past season, and won more games. So yeah, I’m shifting uneasily in my seat right now.

In terms of head-to-head encounters, we split it down the middle – one-nil to us on our adopted patch, 2-1 to them on theirs. You remember that spell when Chima Akas rediscovered blood ties to Roberto Carlos and David Beckham? Exactly – he cracked open a can of beans to win us the game first time around, while in the return, Ifeanyi George put us into an early lead, before the Solid Miners hit back quickly with goals from Esosa Igbinoba and Ex-player Who Must Not Be Named. I was told (by a wrinkled old lady with a high-pitched laugh, no less) that if I do not type his name, his chances of scoring are significantly hurt. So there, I’ve done my bit.

It’ll certainly be engaging, and like we said earlier on the blog, last impressions matter too. More than simply winning a trophy, it would help to go out on a high, to provide an inkling of progress going into next season. Get that winning feeling back in the team.

Striker Stephen Chukwude agrees, telling Goal:

“Things are going better for us this time and I am sure we are going to beat Nasarawa United and qualify to play in the final.”

Going better, huh? Than? If he meant the season just concluded, than bettering that really isn’t that hard, is it?

I jest, I jest. We know what he means. Football is a lot about momentum and positive energy. If the mood in camp is great and morale is high, then I’m all for it. He also said they won’t be letting the fans down, which is just as well. An Elephant always pays his debts. Or is that for Lannisters? I forget now.

The gaffer has also had something to say, something about cups and a rose. Yeah, me neither; reads like something out of ‘Romeo and Juliet’’. You can read it here.

So, that’s our look ahead to today’s game. There will hopefully be updates via the club’s Twitter handle, so refresh, my friends! Refresh!

By the way, Dare Ojo is loving the whole daddy thing, isn’t he? His daughter looks positively adorable – he was kind enough to share some really cute pictures on his Twitter. Any chance she plays for the Falcons when she comes of age. Yes? No? OK.

Back tomorrow.



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