Give me your gaffer, take my neighbor’s. I think he wants mine

Good morning All. 

Getting up on Saturday mornings is probably the most difficult thing for me ever. I believe a lot of people fall into this category too. Except for those going to work, but I think there should be an unstated law that should anyone get off his bed before 9am, he should be made to take up some community service like cleaning the houses and surroundings of their neighbors. 

Its even worse when you actually retired very late the previous night. I did. No thanks to my new found addiction- some TV series titled ‘The Americans’. If you’re some movie lover like I am, you could check that one out. I’m confident that my Christmas turkey will come from your house. 

Well, onto some more important matters. Been a bit quiet from an Enyimba point of view. Still no word on the gaffer issue but it’s all tilting toward the arrival of a new man than another stay for the current boss. Why? Whispers. There’s been a lot of them. If I was a betting man, I’d have probably lost some flenty money yesterday. 

Why? Cos when I learnt on Tuesday evening that Coach Makaiba was resigning at Wikki, I was wondering if we had a hand to that. I didn’t think he was available, I mean he just landed a Continental ticket for the side and what more can you ask for? But the ogologo just walked away. Wish I can sit down and hear him tell why but it’s not possible right now and until we do, we’d just remind ourselves that sometimes it’s not just always about a Continental ticket for the coaches. 

I know he nearly did leave last year when Abia Warriors were desperate to have him replace Ladan Bosso. He had a change of mind at the last minute, got a new contract and had another year to show he knows his stuff. If I’d give a runner up award for Coach of the year, I’ll readily pick Makaiba. What he did with Wikki Tourists for the past two years is nothing short of impressive. I also dare say, this may be the last time they will get a Continental ticket in a while. 

So he heads to Akwa United and I am genuinely happy for the Uyo based side. Makaiba will improve them especially now that there’s some sanity within the club’s management. I trust he will be let to do the recruiting himself and the freedom to impose himself on the team. I think he’s very sound tactically and he knows what he wants of his teams and he sets them up nicely to play for him. I believe Akwa United is on the rise- genuine improvement if you ask me. 

What happens at Wikki? Perhaps they’ll go for Ladan Bosso. Who had a great time when he was there. He’s been able to make El-Kanemi Warriors unbeatable at home since their return to Maiduguri. Amazing. Wikki would love a manager like that. El-Kanemi would probably go back for Baraje who has left Plateau United. Baraje if you remember, moved from El-Kanemi to Enyimba, so he could return. Managerial merry go round, ain’t it? 

Well that still leaves Enyimba (if we are getting a new man) and Kano Pillars. Gombe United too and of course Plateau United. Ermmm and Shooting Stars (Should Ogunbote eventually leave). There’s Manu Garba, there’s Erasmus Onuh, there’s Fatai Osho who’s rumored to be on the move too. There’s Baba Ganaru and of course Salisu Yusuf who’s currently doing some skeletal work in the Super Eagles. And yea, the Pep Guadiola formerly at MFM. We’d watch these events unfold with glee. 

What all of this means is that gradually, the pressure keeps cranking up for quality coaches. If you don’t know your onions, you’ll be out the door. I think it’s a good thing for our League. I think the club administrators are tired of their teams winning at home at all costs. With the growing interest in our League football, teams will focus the more on playing good football. I think that’s a good thing. 

That’s your lot for today. I’ll be back tomorrow and if you’re in Aba. I’ll be at the Enyimba stadium tomorrow afternoon from 3pm. We’ve got a Crusade coming up there tomorrow. We could steal some minutes to say hi and slap high fives. 



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