The ones who walked away… 

Normal service resumes on the blog… Normal service of course means we are back to squeezing water out of a rock- creating stories and feeding our audience here with the latest happenings with regards to our dear Football club at this time where information is so precious. But well we’ve survived past holidays and by God this won’t be any different. Good morning by the way to you dear reader. 

Last season (as previous ones) saw a couple of our stars who were deemed surplus to requirements leave the club, some permanently while others on a loan. Today we’d try to take a look at a few of these guys especially the ones who distinguished themselves and maybe try to make sense of why they left- allowed to leave and chances of avoiding a repeat. 

Chinonso Okonkwo: A Samsonite. Guys who eat four goats for breakfast. Able to lift up the Ariaria main market gates by both columns and run up Ogbor Hill with the gates on his shoulders. Sheer strength. He was deemed surplus to our attack and wasn’t registered for the Champions League. When he arrived for the new season to discover that, his reaction wasn’t totally unexpected. Eventually he did leave for Rivers United- a side in dire need of quality reinforcement. 

Nonso was fueled by the desire to prove Enyimba wrong by doing well for his ‘new’ club. He turned both assist provider and goalscorer and he did excel at United that they are looking at keeping him for the next season. That’s how to earn a place in the Champions League. There’s no way Rivers United should not register him for the Continent on the basis of what he brought to the party last season. Will he return at Enyimba? Very unlikely. We don’t even have Continental football to offer him. 

Abdulrahman Bashir: Probably the one that hurt the most. After two seasons of injury and going on loan to rediscover the form that made him the League’s most fearsome hit man, the club felt the youngman had gone past his prime and let him leave for Nasarawa. At this point, I’ll like to say, all we are doing here is all hindsight. If a prophet probably told me Bashir would reinvent himself in this manner, perhaps I would have asked that he got another chance. 

But no Prophet warned us ahead of time and on the basis of the last two years with us, letting him leave was an easy decision. We swapped him for Ugochukwu Leonard, a rising striker who despite his promise, we barely used last season no thanks to all the unique things that made Enyimba special last term. Bashir scored 13 times including scoring consecutively in seven games. Our strikers combined all failed to even come close to that tally. Will he return to Enyimba? Again this is very unlikely because I believe we made a direct swap- he’s not ours anymore. 

Markson Ojobo $ Idris Aloma: Our twin full backs as we won our record seventh League title. Ojobo on the right (sometimes at CB) and Aloma on the left with a wicked left foot that got us a number of goals that season. Ojobo too got a couple of goals for us that year. He ended the season as the League’s highest scoring defender- both men very important clogs in that Ikhana’s title winning season. 

But in varying circumstances and at various times, both left the club. Ojobo on a permanent basis having fallen out with the management at the start of the year. He tried out at Wolves before finally landing at Runner up Rivers United. Aloma also arrived Rivers United in mid-season and instantly both slotted in both fullback positions at the Rivers club. Successfully earning a Continental ticket for the team at the end of the year. 

Any chance for a return? For Ojobo that’s a No No of course while there’s a possibility for Aloma’s return even though like Okonkwo, he would probably stay back having been guaranteed not only first team action but Champions League football in an oil rich state. 

There are a few others like the aforementioned but these are the guys who distinguished themsleves with quality displays. 

Here we are at the start of a new season- evidently we are looking to let some guys leave. I hope we can let the experience we got from these guys teach us. I pray we don’t look at certain displays last season and make permanent decisions from temporary circumstances. Letting go a player or players who turn world beaters while we struggle to keep up. May God guide the Ogas at the top. 

Blog done and dusted today. Back tomorrow. 



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