More Good News for the Enyimba faithful: Ogunbote speaks 

Good morning Everyone.

There’s more good news for us fans as the gaffer Gbenga Ogunbote had his first official or unofficial interview since joining the club. It’s an interview we would have seen on the club’s official website but while work continues on the site, we can run the story here. 

Renowned sportscaster and OAP, my friend Tony Ademodi (@TeeA13) spoke with the gaffer after one of their training sessions a few days ago and I’ve transcribed it for you below. I’ve tried to reproduce Mr Ogunbote’s response word for word but I truncated some of TA’s lengthy story-telling questions 🙂 

How does it feel joining Enyimba? 

I feel great because I’m in a great team. Enyimba is an household name in Nigeria, not even in Nigeria, in the Continent. So I think, for any coach to come here they must count themselves worthy and very important. 

What do you think was wrong with Enyimba last season? 

I don’t always discuss other teams but now Enyimba is my team. All we need to do is we should see it as a collective responsibility. We know that a team that is used to winning laurels when it does not get it once, it feels like heaven has fallen. We know it wasn’t in their character not to have won. All we just need to do is now that I am in Enyimba, we want to see what we can do to see that we get to the winning track again. 

Players available to you, are you satisfied so far or there’s a whole lot of work to be done? 

Even Barcelona that is adjudged the best team in the world is never satisfied otherwise there will be no need for them to make new signings. We always get unsatisfied until we achieve our dreams. We’ll see what we can do but I know that Enyimba is not a bad side and they can never been a bad side anytime, any day. They have always tried their possible best to ensure that they sign good players. Among the little or the few that are going to be left, we see what we can do to beef it up to make it a Champions team. 

How bad is it not having your home turf? 

For pre-season, no its not but for the game I think it’s not too good. I know too well that Enyimba as a team knows what they suffered last season and they won’t want to go along that lane again. I know that it just adding a little bit advantage, otherwise you can win anywhere no doubt about that. But when you play on your home soil, it’s an added advantage, you cannot toy with it. 

I would have loved that the team played on it’s home soil so that we can enjoy everything we needed to enjoy in terms of support. 

Ijebu Ode: Preseason tournament, will Enyimba be taking part in that tournament? 

Its too early to answer that, I cannot give you a direct answer because one, I’ve not even discussed it with the management and secondly, we are yet to resume. So we need to put the team into a proper shape. The important thing is the League. But this tournament could be a testing ground for what we have done but we have not done anything. 

Let us see if it is possible for us to do the needed and if we can do it, it is my duty to tell the management and advice them. Whether we like it or not we must play a couple of friendly games. If we see it as grade A games it is equally good for us but we must always get the team set. 

I love the way he sounds, trust you do too. I think we can feel very optimistic about our chances in the coming season. Already he’s talking about ‘taking responsibility’ and making the side ‘Champions again’. That’s a man who understands his new environment and the responsibility he’s faced with. Happy times. 

That’s all we can offer this morning, we do have a couple of stuff we are working on behind the scenes. Let’s trust they happen the way we plan them to and there could be more excellent news for you here.  

Have a good day everyone and be back tomorrow for more. 



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