Didn’t we all agree it’s only pre-season? 

Good morning Guys. 

We’ve been off the blog for the past two days, having to make do with images that communicate the dominant thought of the day. We shared those images on Facebook and on Twitter while sorting out the personal and internal issues beguiling us. It’s a new week and it looks like we are ready to run again. 

We kicked off the Gold Cup pre-season Tournament with a barren draw against Lobi Stars. We started well as has become our habit in recent times but before long, we shrunk backwards and Tony Okpotu with his Lobi brothers began to have a go at us. Thankfully our defence stood firm for all 90 ensuring our clean sheet was intact. 

After a day’s break, we faced League’s new boys Remo Stars. That fixture was yesterday and we were off to a flier. One of the new signings I believe handed us the opener but before long, Remo got back in it. Leveling and eventually taking a lead. In the second half I believe, Chukwude got us the equalizer. Scores now 2-2.

Then came the moment of interest. Remo were awarded a penalty. It was at this point that the players ushered themselves off the pitch and decided to discontinue the game. I wasn’t at the game and even if I was there it’s not in my place to determine whether the Referee made the right call or not. The lads all trotted off the pitch and that was the end of it. 

The dominant thought from the technical bench would be- we’ve been robbed by poor refereeing decisions last season and No that’s not gonna happen again. In Akure and In Ibadan and in Lokoja etc. Hence, Not again. It won’t happen. We won’t watch this happen again. If you like these guys are thinking and saying these things to yourself, I dare say, Brother, you’ve found yourself in the wrong sport. 

How do you even justify walking away from a pre-season friendly game? Against a side we are several times mightier than pedigree wise and maybe quality wise, would the skies fall if they actually beat us? Didn’t we say, this was just about getting our tactics and playing personnel right and never about the result? And shouldn’t part of this tournament be about testing the character of this team and learning from mistakes? 

What would you gain by protesting poor refereeing decisions in a pre-season tournament? Probably to scare referees into refusing to award penalties against us in the future when we actually concede them? Well, we’ve been on these terrains long enough to know that such things don’t and won’t work. As sad as it sounds. Remo Stars have been awarded the victory from that game. We should pat ourselves in the back for a job Well-done. Clap HAND For yourself. 

This is what happens when you go for a tournament you shouldn’t have gone for. This team is already under pressure to outperform their last season. The technical crew is under pressure to prove they are the right choice for the job. The new players under the pressure to prove they are the right bunch of guys to wear our blue (or Red as we’ve seen nowadays). 

I know this isn’t the right blog message to set off a week but where do we get the good news from? When was the last time there was some genuine reason to smile about our club? 

Back tomorrow 



One thought on “Didn’t we all agree it’s only pre-season? 

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  1. I share your thoughts this morning. It’s only a preseason game, a mere friendly. I really think anyone who suggested abandonment of that game was wrong. I strongly believe this will be last of such news. No justification for such show of shame.😠

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