Our new home ground and rationale for the choice

Good morning All and blessings of the Lord in this brand new week. The Super Four ended yesterday and what an end it was. Surely no one anticipated that because half the world believed Rangers would ease past FC IfeanyiUbah and win the competition. But football being a funny ol game, dealt us one of its many surprises. In all though it was some competition. 

Facing our own business, there’s one or two things happening on the Enyimba front. First of all, the team Enyimba at the Copa Lagos couldnt overcome team Pepsi who they played in the day’s opening scene. It ended 6-5 but like we said yesterday, we should ascribe no significance to it because the guys who represented us are not the same lads you know. The main Enyimba team is in Calabar readying for the new season. 

Speaking of the new season, I saw a tweet last night that ‘confirmed’ that the new season begins on the 15th of January 2017. That certainly should have the League players jumping up in celebration. I’ve lost count of the number of them calling me and pleading that the new season starts next year. So, yea guys you have your wish. You can pack your bag and head homewards. I hope you realize how brief the holiday really is. 

Moving forward, it’s now clear we are at home in Calabar in the new season. That’s good news to all you Enyimba fans who live in the Cross River State and for the rest of the bulk of us in Aba, time to add some fasting to your prayers. It does make the work a lot more difficult for the new gaffer and his young team but there’s not much he can do to avoid this right now. He just would have to train his team to make home of their new home. 

I think I can get a rough explanation for the choice of farer Calabar as compared to Port Harcourt. It’s never a good idea to share same stadium with a title rival. In these regions, teams do all they can to ensure their rivals are put in a difficult place. So while it’s a further away distance and one that means that a lot of us who live in Aba can’t make those trips on Match days, Enyimba knows their destiny is basically and entirely in their own hands. 

In other news, it appears we have indeed lost Alloy Brown to Asec Mimosas. I hope I got the spelling- I didn’t check. But you certainly have an idea of the club intended. Our mutual friend @TheOddSolace mentioned us in a tweet where that was revealed. Guess he wasn’t able to get to live up to the expectation the club had of him. At some point everyone no matter how much a believer they’ve been in you, they eventually give up while you dally. 

If that’s indeed the case, we wish him all the best. ThatEnyimbaFan has an unflinching faith in his ability- I hope that’s good enough to motivate him to succeed in his career. When you make a move as a player matters as much as where you move to. No one can say for certain how successful or not a transfer move would be, all you can do and indeed have control over as a player is your level of input, motivation and commitment. 

For those who haven’t heard, Daniel Etor has joined Rangers and lest we forget, Congratulations to Femi Thomas and Nzube Anaezemba who have now won their first ‘trophy’ with Rivers United. Whoever saw that coming? Especially after Rangers dealt them that opening day defeat. That’s all I can share this morning here on the blog. 

Back tomorrow 



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