The Enyimba vice captains and Christmas breaks 

Good morning All, Welcome to the last Sunday before Christmas. Yay! Christmas for this year is actually Sunday next week and I’m super fascinated about it. Christmas is my best season of the year and although the annual harmattan is strangely missing this year, we are still grateful for the gift of Christmas. I also intend to attend as many Carols as possible, just like last night’s. It’s a season of love and hope and faith. 

Well, how all of this concerns Enyimba, first of all, as we approach the end of the year, there’s surely going to be some kind of Christmas break. As we are all aware the team has been camped in Calabar, it is expected that next week, sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday, the break would be declared. So we should be expecting the team back in Aba from Calabar early next week. Tuesday most likely. 

I’m thinking the break itself should be for about 2 weeks. Between Christmas and the new year is one week so if there’s a couple of days before the Christmas break itself, add it all together and it should be for about two weeks. Not bad if you ask me. It’s also necessary to note like we pointed out the last time that this is the Lord’s Birthday not yours. Don’t go overfeeding and adding weights. Alright? Good. 

We also did mention the Enyimba captaincy issue and the question was, with Mfon Udoh the captain, who is/are the vice captain/s? Fear not. I got that covered for you. There are two vice captains and one of the two choices is certainly unexpected. Really feel like leaving you guys guessing who these two are. It’s only too bad, I can’t beyond the next few lines. The first vice captain is right winger Andrew Abalogu while the second is defender Ifeanyi Anaemena. 

Really should say a thing or two about those choices but seeing that wouldn’t change anything, why bother? I do think though that longevity has a significant amount of influence as to why these guys were picked. That said, I think with respect to my concerns, responsibilities such as can influence a person’s commitment and actions within a football team. 

For someone like Andrew who haven’t quite hit the heights we all know he’s capable of, this responsibility would see him contribute more, give in more by way of discipline and putting the team first. Some of those issues that cropped up last season would be a thing of the past because right now, the team belongs to him/them and surely we will see more from him. He’s surely going to grow up even faster. 

We are at the crux of a very important season. A season that we hope that things will go well. One we’d make a strong challenge for the title as well as returning to the Continent. Last season has to be seen as a minor blip- this coming year has to be one where we hurl ourselves back a top the pinnacle of local football in Nigeria. May God help make our desires come to fruition, in Jesus Mighty Name,  Amen.

Today’s Thanksgiving service in church, time to go celebrate the blessings and mercies of God for 2016. You should be in church today too. I’ll be back tomorrow with some transfer whispers. Till then, have a good one guys. 



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