Critical decisions for our Left Back position

Good morning All, looks like the blog’s proposed break has survived another day. That is because something came up in the course of the day yesterday and as long as there’s wine in Illyria and there is passage in my throat, we’ll keep pushing off the break. I’m certain Shakespeare fans would understand. In other words, until there’s absolutely nothing more to write, our proposed break will keep getting pushed. 

Let’s delve into the thoughts I’ll like to share with you. It does indeed appear that the Left Back who came from Ashanti Gold with our new goalkeeper Dauda Fatau failed to impress and will not be signed by the club. OK, before I go on, it’s important to note that this blog is NOT Enyimba’s official site. Nor is it the mouthpiece of the club. In other words, we could share some bit of news here and it eventually becomes absolutely wrong. Just a heads-up. 

The reason for stating that Tijani Joshua (- I believe that’s his name) won’t be part of our squad this season isn’t far from the fact that he’s rarely impressed during the opportunity he got with us. To be successful during an Enyimba trial, you must have brought something really special to the ‘table’. Such that the club looks at you and determines that you’re better that what’s currently in camp. 

With the exits of Ugwu Uwadiegwu and Idris Aloma, we were left with Chima Akas at the only experienced Left Back and you’d think that position was one the club knew required strengthening. But it does indeed appear that this fellow isn’t the one they want. He’s got a couple of chances to showcase what he’s got and it does appear he’s failed to convince the gaffer and his assistants. 

However he isn’t the only Left currently in the side: there is a certain Uwem Udoh who we should feature for us in a number games next season. He’s a graduate from our feeder team and he does look some prospect. I know what you’re all thinking- how that Enyimba never gives chance to prospects but I think this one has fully come of age and he’s promising in his displays. Yes, training camp and the real thing are different but he’s hardly shown any significant weaknesses. 

Its always difficult at a big club for youngsters to come thru the ranks but it’s about time football clubs especially in our country learn to take risks on upcoming Footballers. Everyone started as a rookie sometime and any football club that signs only big players every other season can best be seen as an enemy of football development. OK, you’d say they actually help smaller teams by paying very well for these youngsters when they show they’ve shown exceptional quality. 

At a time when our National Team is in need of quality Left Backs, we can do our lot by having someone grow thru the ranks who has shown signs that he could be one for the future. I don’t have any personal issues against this Tijani guy from Ashanti Gold but if he’s not better than our youngster Uwem Udoh, then it’s only sane we make a quality decision in this respect. We don’t need another Ahmed Kone. 

And no I don’t think he’s related to our captain Mfon Udoh. I’ll still have to verify that. That’s all we can rant on today, we’ll be back tomorrow with some more. Till then, have a good one. 



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  1. ThankGod someone is even coming from the feeder team.. Enyimba doesn’t invest in their feeder team.. I think they should look inwards, we have a lot of nice players in the feeder team who will do well in the NPFL.. We’ve lost talents from our feeder team.. Let’s encourage this guys…. Up Enyi!!!!

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