Ogunbote is not satisfied and it’s two days to go 

And the morning and the evening were the third day. Good morning Everyone. The new NPFL Season is only three days away. 38 matchdays and 380 matches later  a Champion, a new Champion is expected to emerge.

It’s a big year for us at Enyimba, one that we can’t wait for to banish the painful memories of last season. We need not to remind ourselves of what last season was about. The series of wrong decisions at every turn- May we never experience such again. Amen

Following Tuesday’s stalemate against Rivers United, the gaffer said he’s not yet satisfied with his team. The attack fired blanks despite some very glaring chances and knowing the quality of our League, you can understand the man’s worry.

Our League is hardly goalfest. We know most games are low scoring and a lot of fixtures do require penalties to determine who takes the points home, goalscoring hence becomes every sane manager’s headache. Goals are the difference between three points, one point and no point. Remember those fixtures last season where we had a thousand and seven chances yet couldn’t convert any. It is easy to see Ogunbote’s worry with the result.

“I am still not completely satisfied (with the state of my team) but it is still a team in the making,” Ogunbote told Rivers United official website.

“We should have scored some goals in the game and we need to work on correcting those mistakes.

“Even if we had won (against Rivers United), we still would have had a few things that we need to perfect,” he concluded.

In defence of the team, it’s going to take a while for this team to become the world beater they are expected to be. Take Rangers for instance. They’ve won the league now after 32 years and suddenly they look like they can’t win a football match anymore.

I wasn’t in Abuja to see them lose on penalties to FC IfeanyiUbah but a football team has to keep moving in the right direction. A result could give you cause for concern but look where we are coming from- a symbolic experience from last season.

The gaffer surely knows what he saw and knows what area in his team is in need of strengthening. But this team will get better in the days ahead. It’s a good thing though that no one is resting on their oars thinking the work is done but I’m confident we are headed in the right direction.

There are things we may not be able to influence as fans right now but we can make a decision to stand by our team whether we are in Aba or in Calabar- after all there’s an Aba in both. I kid. My point is, the location notwithstanding, this is our team and it is our responsibility to wish and pray her a productive and very fruitful season. Why? Because we are Enyimba fans.  

Done and dusted for today. Back tomorrow. 



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