Top Midfielder gets injured, comebacks and other things

Good morning All, If I wrote this blog and shared it by 12noon, would you be offended or disappointed? I mean rather than just having nothing at all, how about a little later than usual, would that matter? Cos my eyes are heavy and I really want to go to sleep. OK I’m complaining and i shouldn’t. 

Ill keep it simple and really short. Lord help me. By the way I met a girl and I think I really like her. OK, whatever. Unto Enyimba issues now. Midfielder Ikechukwu Ibenegbu who has hardly put a foot wrong this season got injured in our game against Nasarawa and was unable to finish the game. He was withdrawn for Femi Oladapo who himself has barely seen any action this term. 

With Nzube’s move to Rivers United, we are sweating to have Ibenegbu back or alternatively, have the gaffer deploy Femi or some other legs there.  Of course we know sometimes injuries can be blessings in disguise but how we long to have our best and more trusted legs out there. The Midfielder himself says it is not as serious as it looked at the first time as he moves largely unaided after preliminary treatment.

Yes, the injury is a fresh one on my right ankle picked in the clash against Nasarawa United in Calabar.

“It happened in the first half as I was unable to continue with the game in the second half.I feared the worst injury as I was not able to move without 100% support but now I move around as it was not as serious as early feared.

“The wound is being treated first while I will later undergo a scan test to crosscheck the bones.I feel quite strong on the leg right now not to entertain any fear of fracture.

“I’m not sure that I will stay off the pitch beyond two weeks, my response to treatment is heart-warming. Besides, I do not want any form of injury in the on-going top-flight, I want to play regularly”. 

“I’m eager to come back to the pitch to contribute my quota to the success of Enyimba,” 

We pray so too. We need Ibenegbu and everyone else who can help our cause. It’s a long season and keeping our momentum is vital. We’ve set out this season to right the wrongs of the previous one by challenging for the title. Anyway we’ll monitor the Ibenegbu situation and see how it goes. 

This has to be where we draw the curtain for today. Sleep is really beguiling me and I wonder how much longer I can hold it off. Today is my mum’s birthday and maybe I’ll just mention to her that I met a girl I liked. OK, that’s not your business. Happy Birthday Ogoma. 

Back tomorrow 



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