We are Nigeria’s most successful club so we don’t need a website

Good morning Pals. Hope everyone is OK and that Valentine’s Day yesterday did not gulp up all of your savings (for the guys) and that everything played out just nicely (for the ladies). Thumbs up if your scorecard reads 5/5 on the basis of those checks. For those who got no love from anyone yesterday, take heart. Your singlehood won’t last forever. Amen.

From yesterday’s conversation here, won’t it be funny to announce that fans paid for the club’s website. Let’s be honest guys, our site is ONLY disfunctional because no one thinks it’s vital to keep a website that only a few years ago ranked ‘Third best Sports website in Africa’ up and running. It’s not a lack of funds. It’s negligence. As simple as that. 

No one thinks it’s OK to have player and manager interviews/profiles on the website anymore. Or for the club to have a one stop place for all those around the world to know about Enyimba and her players. Tomorrow we would claim we want to sell players, yet there’s no place where someone outside the country who actually is interested in a player can run to. 

Some coach hit me up from Canada a few weeks ago. He was interested in one of our strikers. Asked how he could follow up on his performances and all. Asked if there are official club YouTube videos of this player, stats, performances, his history and how his career has progressed. My nice and sincere answer was, “Sorry there’s none”.

Everyone knows how valuable our players are and how much revenue we can bring in from the sale of one of them. But no, a website is not necessary. We are looking for sponsors. What can we present to sponsors aside a nicely written proposal? Potential sponsors should have presence on your website and your social media channels but no, we don’t need those things. 

Football has gone beyond how many titles and trophies you have won. It’s about how valuable you are. What’s your brand like? What’s you social media engagement like? How many companies want to be part of what you’re doing? How many companies want to identify with you? If you fix your house, people will come to your house. But if you’re disorganized and all over the place, the result is inevitable. 

Imagine that Enyimba has a matchday live radio. Fans from all over the world can pay monthly/yearly subscriptions to listen to live matchday commentary as the match happens. Perhaps we don’t really need these monies after all the government owns the clubs so if we need to buy Maggi or salt, we can run to the government house. 

Or maybe someone thinks these things can’t work. Look around, professional football clubs have these things working very well, so why can’t it work with us? I know this is an Enyimba blog but this is an open challenge to the rest of the NPFL community. There’s so much we can make of our football. A football club can have as much as 200 employees who they can cater for very well. We talking about the unemployment in our country, the average football club SHOULD be able to cater for at least 150 employees. 

Let’s give these ideas a chance. Let’s step out and break the barriers and try out these things. We admire the foreign leagues and all but the potential to be as good as them is lying around untapped. I’m done with these things guys. We’ll keep praying for Nigerian Football. Praying that the days of Mediocrity and directionless movement will become a thing of the past. 

By the way guys, I’m producing ThatEnyimbaFan jerseys. More info on that in the days ahead. 

Back tomorrow 



7 thoughts on “We are Nigeria’s most successful club so we don’t need a website

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  1. “From yesterday’s conversation here, won’t it be funny to announce that fans paid for the club’s website.”

    This is interesting. An eye opener that we have fans and a ready market willing to pay for a service that could improve their club. There’s so much to be made in terms of revenue generation from the club’s media department that handles the website and social media accounts.

    But well, I hope we dont get tired of talking about these things and that the relevant people are reading and taking notes of things.

    It’s shameful sha. Just like our stadium, the club website has been under construction for up to 2 years now.


  2. “Praying that the days of Mediocrity and directionless movement will become a thing of the past.”

    Well that said “past” seems like decades ahead of us. Even NPFL clubs that do have websites lack contents and it makes to ask myself, what’s the need of a media department in a club if they can’t drive this?

    Website; matchday programmes, paid subscriptions, I could go on and on on how they can generate revenue but rather we have media guys who are just there happy sitting in a glorified position. It’s only in Nigeria I hear the TITLE, media officer and the said individual is clueless on what modern day club media dept needs.

    For one like me who has invested heavily in a similar project and have submitted several proposals to aid the growth of my state owned club’s media dept, it angers me when after all your efforts to help, the media officer will think you want to take his job. Well in the words of Jon Snow: “Am tired of fighting, I’ve fought and I’ve lost”.

    1. It is worrying. We have young people who won’t improve. When a Media Officer doesn’t even know what the duty of a media officer is, how do you expect things to change? Media personalities MUST measure themselves with their colleagues the world over. How well do they rank? The only way a media officer won’t see his job taken by another or constantly looking over his shoulder is by improving himself. There are several courses online that can help.

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