Getting a Continental ticket: is it really worth it? 

Good morning All, 

So looking at the Continental flag bearers this season, can we say, the whole fuss with getting a Continental ticket is worth it? I mean, look at the table, with Rivers United and Rangers in the 19th and 20th positions, would things be different with their standings had they not been involved in the Continent? Yes! That’s my answer. No doubt, there are outstanding League games for them right now but make no mistakes about that, I doubt there would be significant movement up the table for them. 

Why? You’d ask. Simple. “Everyone wins at home in the NPFL and loses away”. Can we trust this Rangers and this Rivers United side to actually go away from home at this stage of the season and get an away win? Is it possible, yes but by no means is it an easy proposition. They would need massive wins especially away from home to catch up the MFMs and Plateau United of the league.

Back to my earlier question- so is it really worth it? Congregating a couple of what I want to call mercenaries for a quick fix preparation for the Champions League/Continent. Now having spent all these funds, the managers are under pressure to repay the money invested in the team by ensuring the team stays winning. And in some cases, avoid a relegation dogfight. Hello Warri Wolves. 

Look at FC IfeanyiUbah and Wikki Toursits, only the club owners can reveal how much was put into these Continental campaigns. How much did getting the clearances of these new players cost? How about the travelling and lodging. How about the increased wage bill that these clubs have now, and as it stands, you can say all of that was a waste because, nothing came back as significant revenue. 

Or maybe something did come back or will come back but being ousted off the competition at such as early stage, it would be a miracle that the proceeds were worth it. So why do teams struggle and do it by all means to get into a competition that realistically, they have no chance of getting anything back from it?  I think it’s about time we asked these questions.

What would a Wikki Tourists side say they have by virtue of this Competition over a Lobi Stars that didn’t play in the Continent? Why all the fuss about playing in the Continent? You can’t say what you have gained is experience because I bet  Wikki Tourists and FC IfeanyiUbah won’t be in the Continent next season. You doubt that? The proof is simple- where are last season’s Continental flagbearers- Nasarawa United, Warri Wolves and Akwa United?

Getting a Continent ticket as it trends in the Nigerian League stratosphere is simply overrated. You’re not going to win it. You probably won’t even make it to the group stages. Your club won’t make more money from merchandise or get an increased fanbase. So what exactly is the fuss about it? Madness. That’s what this crase is about.

But I think there’s a way we can better perform in these Competitions. You wanna know? Let’s talk about that tomorrow.

Till then,



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