Match Preview: Enyimba vs El Kanemi 

Yesterday’s post got us quite the unusual (even though not totally unexpected) reaction. Phone calls from people who feel they should get the nod for the CHAN. It was funny really because what the author of the post yesterday (of course you’re all aware I’m not the author) did was to make recommendations on who he feels is good enough for the Championship. And the mob got to him. 

Then of course there is this thought currently gathering steam, that players from the lower cadre of the League strata (The NNL) should be part of the party too. Nothing wey person no go see for this Continenet! Why not we throw the doors open to accommodate the kids playing at Etche Road Primary School fields as well? Let’s hear something else abeg. 

We actually have a game today and that was the prime reason for this blog today. We could address that. We play El-Kanemi Warriors in Calabar and a glance at our placing on the log says all that needs to be as per how important this game is. This is that time of the season where nobody wants to drop points at home – I hope y’all got the memo, Enyimba players?  

So for the second time this season, Ibrahim Mustafa and Chinedu Ohanachom are facing their former clubs. Will that give them some extra bite to fight? Meanwhile, isn’t it strange that Ohanachom hasn’t done so much unlike his teammate Mustafa. Perhaps the coach… has got his plans and at such we can ignore the temptation to delve into any assumptions. 

Ladan Bosso and his wards are chasing a Continental ticket and on a neutral ground, he would wanna try his luck. Hence we cannot feel like we have won before getting onto the pitch. This should be a routine 2-0 win but for that to happen, we have to make a good start, get an early goal to settle nerves. 

As I said earlier, the catch is getting back into the 3rd/4th position and a win here will do our cause some good. Its impossible to predict lineups but the squad that will be announced will tell what the injury situation in the camp. For example, Is Anaemena back? Or would we be seeing Theo back in goal soon? 

Like I said, this should be an easy home win, I pray we don’t make mistakes or fluff our chances and find ourselves chasing the game with the visitors defending with their lives. Nice early start and a goal to soothe our nerves and we can then watch without getting any kind of anxiety. Who else would love that? 

That’s it for the blog today. Meanwhile today’s Nnanna Kalu’s birthday. Let’s show him some love guys. May God bless you abundantly Sir. 

Back tomorrow 



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