Re: Tornadoes game and the Ibenegbu illegibility 

We haven’t been quiet, we haven’t run out of what to post here because this week has been anything but uneventful from an Enyimba POV (Point of View). The issue is that I was away on a trip inspired by family responsibilities. I traveled with my good ol writing pad but Internet has been precious. 

So we are left with articles on the draft while wondering when redemption comes. If you run a blog or you are a writer, you know how a little change in your working system can totally and completely upset your routine. So I’m right here and now traveling back to base, mission accomplished and ready to get back in my regular routine. 

So we beat Niger Tornadoes 3-0 on Sunday. A win was never in doubt as everyone knows how woeful a side they are away from home. Their endless stream of penalties kept them winning at their Lokoja adopted home last year and earlier in the season there was the scam of a missing referee that almost caused a fuss in this reverse fixture.

But the win isn’t all well digested and tucked away nicely because there is the issue of Ikechukwu Ibenegbu’s ineligibility to play the game. It appears he was indeed ineligible to play the game and Tornadoes does have a reason to wail. The club  heirachy themselves say they are ignorant of his ineligibility and that they did not receive a letter from the authorities. Reason why Ibenegbu got the nod to play and score. 

Tornadoes then introduced the word “intentional” into the mix. Claiming they told Enyimba the midfielder was suspended for the game yet the club called it bluff and let him play. There was also the issue of not lodging in the complaint in time with the match commissioner all of which to me is nothing but crap. 

Whatever happens with this case is left with the League managers but I don’t think this has happened anywhere in the League in recent memory -refresh my mind if you know. It would be quite interesting if a team spanked 3-0 gets it reversed and the winning team gets 3-0 awarded against them. Moreso for a team as woeful on the road as Tornadoes. 

The technical crew and management must take blame for this error as well. It appears there are lots of people with titles at the club who know nothing of their responsibility. In a setup where things are done rightly, people are accountable, and the person whose duty this is within the club held accountable. Sadly, no one gives anyone their job descriptions before their names are penned into the payroll nor are any kind of reports demanded from administrative staff. This is how professional our clubs are. 

The LMC themselves also have some blame in this. Or I could quite rephrase that this incident further highlights an area where the LMC has got tones of work to do. How is it that after a MatchDay, suspensions and cautions are not even public knowledge? Our games are not on TV and Match Delegates who send the live updates most times don’t report cautions. But the match officials do. So why isn’t this public knowledge? We probably don’t think it serious but stats are a very important part of the game and such incidents as this could easily have been avoided. 

So we await the reaction of the LMC. You can rest assured that whatever verdict it is, it would be quite a ripple from both sides of the equation. The CHAN list got released a few days ago, perhaps we can discuss that in detail in the next few days. 

Back tomorrow, 



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